Is a Summer Camp Good For A Struggling Teen?


When your teenager is struggling to live a satisfying and fulfilling life, he or she may be making bad choices, giving up easily, ignoring school and experiencing low self-esteem. As a parent, you are probably wondering what you can do to bring your teen “back to life” and give her an incredible experience she can use to feel better about themselves. As you are looking around for solutions, consider summer camp. But is summer camp good for a struggling teen? Yes!

What is Summer Camp for Struggling Teens?

Summer camps cover a wide range of focuses and they can be anything from a traditional outdoor adventure camp to a therapeutic wilderness camp. Some camps focus on art, music or physical fitness while others may be geared toward certain challenges that teens face, such as weight loss, behavior issues or abuse survivors. In order to choose the right camp for your child, you must understand what issues she is facing. No matter what your teen is struggling with, there is a summer camp or wilderness program that will fit.

What is Camp Life Like?

Summer camps with behavior modification programs are all run differently, but generally include set schedules, structured activities and qualified camp directors and other staff members who know how to help each teen change her behavior from struggling to successful. In summer camps structured for struggling teens, there are generally therapy sessions, like individual and group counseling. Of course, there are plenty of things to enjoy at camp, such as horseback riding, wilderness adventures, crafts, swimming, canoeing, games and more. Depending on your struggling teen’s specific needs, you should choose a summer camp that will help her put aside her struggles and make new friends and learn new things.

Will My Teen Be Safe?

Your teen will be safely monitored by trained and qualified camp leaders who have experience in dealing with adolescents. While struggling teens may initially resist new authority figures, the camp counselors and staff members have perfected ways to chip away even the hardest teenage shells. Positive peer pressure is a key part of getting teens to open up, create new relationships with others and work together toward goals. Make sure the camp you choose has the proper licensing, accreditation and safety inspections required by its municipality and state.

When your teenager’s issues are significant enough that you think a change of scenery and new experiences may help, check out summer camps for struggling teens. As you do proper research and utilize online resources, you are sure to find a summer camp that will help your teen overcome her challenges.

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