Internet Addiction – How Much Is Too Much?

Teenaged boys have been major video game fans since the days of the original Atari. So, it’s no wonder that the virtual games of today would hook them. Not only are these games innovative and filled with dynamic graphics, users can play with others online. For some, however, this just joins two different potentially addictive entertainment tools. Video game addicts are bad enough. But, internet addiction can actually destroy the life of a teen.

For teens, internet addiction is so much more than a simple desire to surf the Net. Just like compulsive gambling, eating and drug and alcohol addictions, teen internet addiction is a very serious matter. It’s marked by the teen’s progressive inability to regulate, avoid or limit the amount of time spent online.

Internet Addiction: What is Unhealthy Online Use?

The Internet has long been a great source of evolving information and innovative entertainment. Today, surfing by PC has graduated far past the days of the first laptop computer. Teens can now access the Internet via tablets, video game consoles and smartphones. Adolescents can do and participate in so much online these days, such as emailing, social networking, message boards, forums, instant messaging and blogging.

But, how much online use it too much? When does your teen’s internet usage become unhealthy?

Emotional Signs of Internet Addiction

Some teens spend more time online than others. But, the amount of time spent online is a major problem when:

  • Takes up more time than any other activity
  • Causes relationships to become neglected
  • Puts being online above schoolwork
  • Lies about amount of time spent on the Internet
  • Becomes anxious and frustrated when not online
  • Spends more time with cyber friends and family than real people

Physical Signs of Internet Addiction

Physically speaking, these are symptoms of too much time spent online:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Vison problems
  • Dry eyes
  • Headaches
  • Neck and back pain
  • Insomnia

How to Help Your Teen’s Internet Addiction

Cognitive behavioral therapy has been very effective with helping teen boys get control of internet addiction. Therapy helps teens learn healthier methods for coping with depression, anxiety, stress and other uncomfortable emotions. Liahona Academy helps with Internet Addiction.


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