How to Navigate Divorce and Your Son’s Struggle with Addiction

How to Navigate Divorce and Your Son’s Struggle with Addiction

Divorce is always difficult, but there are always factors that can make it worse. Adolescents in particular can take divorce very hard. They may turn to substance abuse as an attempt to cope with their feelings.

Parents want their children to come out of the divorce both emotionally and physically healthy, and having a son who’s addicted to drugs can put added strain on family relationships. When you’re dealing with the stresses of divorce, it can be difficult to give your son the attention he needs to get through this.

It’s very important to get a healthy perspective on the matter. Recognize the importance of working together with your ex spouse to help your teen recover. Here are some tips for handling it appropriately.

Practice Co Parenting Techniques

Share the responsibilities of raising your son in the right way. Don’t expect one parent to do everything. Talk with him one-on-one and together, support him in his extracurricular activities, hold him accountable for his actions, and apply other parenting duties. Keeping things as normal as possible will make the adjustment easier on him and aid in his healing.

Set Goals with Your Son

Even though you’re separated doesn’t mean you can’t work as a team. Your son needs both of you to get through this difficult time. If your spouse is on board, put your marital struggles behind you and focus on helping your son together.

Set goals as a threesome. Make sure the focus stays on him and doesn’t drift to your marital problems. Learning to work together even when you’re not officially together will be the best medicine for your son.

Share the Financial Obligations

Getting treatment for your son’s addiction will be expensive. The best course of action is to share the financial burden as best as possible. Work this out civilly with the other parent. If one person has a greater income than the other, they may want to brunt more of the bill.

You might also look into financial aid. Some programs offer grants and funding for parents struggling to pay for treatment. This will take a significant burden off your shoulders.

Try a Therapeutic Boarding School

For some families, getting their teen out of the house and away from the stresses of the divorce is the best help he can receive. A therapeutic boarding school is an excellent option.

There your son can attend rehab, meet regularly with counselors, and continue his education. He’ll be away from any arguments and challenges that may make his condition worse, but he’ll still have contact with both parents who can visit separately or together. It may be the space he needs to put the troubles of divorce behind him and focus on getting better.

Want to find a great therapeutic boarding school for your son to treat his addiction? Call Help Your Teen Now at 1-800-901-7347 today. We can help you find the right treatment for your son and even help with the financial burden. Our services can take much of the stress out of the divorce and help you focus more fully on your son’s needs.

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