How Families Struggling with Violent Teens Can Get Help

How Families Struggling with Violent Teens Can Get Help

When teenagers lash out in moments of extreme emotion, the effects can be very harmful if they are becoming increasingly violent. If you are a parent who is struggling with a violent teenager, you may feel hopeless and afraid. The good news is that there are things you can do to get your troubled teenager the help they deserve and put an end to their violence.

Why Some Teens Get Violent

Most parents dismiss typical teenage behavior like disrespect, back talking and slightly bad behavior as typical teen rebellion. When teenagers struggle with emotional, behavioral or mental illness issues, their behavior can lead to immense frustration, anger, and helplessness. Many teens, when facing these overwhelming emotions, act out and become violent. Physical violence can also be accompanied by verbal abuse, self-harm, and criminal activity. Teens with violence and anger issues desperately need the professional help of a trained therapist in order to get themselves under control.

What Parents Can Do

When teens have become violent clashing with a parent, teacher, or family member is expected. Many times, family members walk on eggshells so as not to provoke the teen. Disrespectful behavior is allowed because parents don’t want to engage with the angry teen. Most schools have a zero tolerance policy where students who engage in violence are suspended or expelled. Your teen may be involved in serious bullying, either other students or siblings. No matter how uncomfortable it makes you, the violence has to stop, but you may not know what to do next.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Getting your violent teenager into a therapist is the first step, but often teens are resistant to this kind of help. You and the school have reached a point where you cannot deal with your teen without risk. The best place for violent teens is a therapeutic boarding school. These specialized schools offer programs that blend structured living, regular therapy, academics and life skills classes to troubled teens who can’t find success at home or in traditional schools.

Therapeutic boarding schools use techniques to modify behavior and teach teens better coping skills. Licensed and experienced staff members work with teens around the clock to get them to turn over a new leaf and change their ways. From therapists and teachers to mentors and administrators, the professional staff at these therapeutic boarding schools provides a safe, caring environment that facilitates change in troubled teens. Even the most violent teenagers can start a new chapter in life and become successful young adults.

Enrolling your troubled, violent teenager into a therapeutic boarding school is an overwhelming and difficult experience. However, for the sake of your family and to benefit your teen, it’s something that you seriously need to consider. As your teen learns self-discipline and gets therapy to treat their emotional, behavioral and mental health issues, they can emerge from adolescence with new coping skills and a brighter future.

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