How are Christian Boarding Schools For Troubled Teens Different?

How are Christian Boarding Schools For Troubled Teens Different?

Are you a parent of a troubled teen whose behavior is affecting home, school and work? If your teenager struggles with emotional, behavioral or mental health issues and you are worried for their safety and their future, it may be time to consider a therapeutic boarding school. As overwhelming as that may seem, therapeutic boarding schools are often the best solution to a troubled teen’s problems. Christian boarding schools are a specialized type of school that approaches help and healing with a Christian message.

What Is A Therapeutic Boarding School?

Therapeutic boarding schools are full-time residential facilities that house troubled teenagers and provide therapy, academics and social and life skills training. There are licensed and experienced staff members that guide the teens toward a better and healthier approach to their lives. Therapists, mentors, teachers, administrators, counselors and more are all on hand to provide a structured and safe place for teens to begin a new chapter. Therapeutic boarding schools can be found in every state, and each of them have different treatment philosophies and approaches. Christian boarding schools are often run by church-affiliated groups and programs and emphasize Christian beliefs and practices as an aide to helping teens recover.

How Do Christian Boarding Schools Differ?

A Christian boarding school will differ from a secular therapeutic boarding school in many ways. Some Christian schools are run by trained clergy who have additional psychology training. Most will implement Christian teachings, lessons, stories and practices into the overall treatment. The academic curriculum may reflect the Christian beliefs as well. On campus activities can include mandatory worship services, scripture study sessions, devotionals and similar religious activities. Some Christian boarding schools are accredited academically with state and regional organizations, while others are not affiliated with any accreditation groups. Parents who are seeking therapeutic boarding schools with a Christian emphasis should make sure that the staff is all professionally trained and certified and that the schoolwork will help and not hinder their teen’s graduation efforts.

Benefits of Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Troubled teens will benefit from attending a therapeutic boarding school in several ways. The new location allows the teens to start over as they escape behavioral triggers, frustrated teachers, worried parents and negative friends. At boarding school, they are surrounded with experts who know how to deal with troubled teens and know how to help. Teens get regular therapy, both group and individual. They also get to live in a group home setting where they share responsibilities and learn more independence in caring for themselves. Finally, teens get all kinds of academic help, from credit repair to earning a high school diploma.

Parents who are struggling with what to do with their wayward teens should consider sending them to therapeutic boarding school. If the family desires a Christian boarding school, there are plenty of them across the country that have an excellent record of treatment success and a large number of testimonials from students and parents who have successfully completed the program. Boarding schools is a tough thing for parents and teens to decide, but the benefits of leading a healthy and happy life are well worth the initial struggles.

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