Holistic Learning At Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Standard educational methods often fall short when it comes to preparing teenagers to become successful young adults. This shortfall becomes glaringly apparent when trying to help a troubled teen succeed in the public school system. When this system breaks down, troubled teens often experience suspensions and expulsions, but nothing to really help the teen catch up with their peers behaviorally and academically.

To help teens continue to progress with both their educations and life skills learning, therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens offer holistic learning to help the teens start thriving again.

Life Skills And Academics At Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Holistic learning is an educational methodology which emphasizes preparing teens for real-life challenges they will be facing both throughout their academic careers and their lives beyond academics. For example, say a student is struggling with algebra and becomes easily frustrated. This frustration can block the learning process as well as bleed over into other aspects of the teen’s life.

When the teen is involved in holistic learning at a therapeutic boarding school, their teacher will help the student address their frustration and help them develop healthy ways to deal with their algebra struggles, also while helping the student understand the concept which stumped the student. Most residential treatment centers keep their class sizes small and employ certified tutors as well as licensed teachers to ensure students can receive the help they need.

Other Learning Opportunities At Therapeutic Schools

While we cannot speak for all therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens, the best troubled teen therapeutic boarding schools offer other skill-building components to their program to help teens continue to learn and grow. Some of the options available at our school are:

  • Culinary skills – Teens can learn self-sufficiency and take pride in their new abilities as they learn to cook under supervision.
  • Personal hygiene – Applied to caring for both themselves and their surrounding, teens also learn how personal self-worth is tied to hygiene.
  • Interactions – Many troubled teens struggle to understand how to interact with others appropriately. We offer insight and continual learning on the subject.
  • Music skills – Musical expression can be an excellent way for teens to learn new ways to take pride in themselves and express difficult emotions.
    • If you are interested in learning more about residential treatment centers or other troubled teen assistance programs, contact us. We provide our counseling services completely for free, and our parent advocate advisors will talk to you about your options based on your child’s circumstances.

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