Helping Your Troubled Teen: Improving Their Grades At A Therapeutic Boarding School

Teens who do not graduate from high school face bleak futures as their income earning ability can be severely curtailed by the lack of a high school diploma. As many parents are aware of the future difficulties facing their children who will be competing with better-educated peers for jobs, it can be very worrying to watch their troubled teens fail to perform well in school.

One option for parents with teens who are struggling in various aspects of their lives is to send their troubled teens to therapeutic boarding school to improve their grades along with their mental health.

Academic Help For Teens At Therapeutic Boarding School

Many teens become discouraged as they begin to fall behind in their academics and become convinced that they are not intelligent enough to catch up. The therapists at therapeutic boarding schools help teens work through their mental blocks as the academic staff help teens catch back up to their peers.

While the exact number of academic staffers available at a therapeutic boarding school can vary, some things are constant.

  • State-licensed teachers for core subjects, many who are trained to work with troubled teens.
  • Certified tutors who can work one-on-one with the students.
  • Direct care staff who assist teachers and tutors while students learn.
  • Remedial classes are available so students can learn information they have missed.
  • Accredited academic programs all offer high school diplomas to successful therapeutic boarding school graduates.

Academics Between Co-ed School And Same-Sex School

The quality of education available between a co-ed therapeutic boarding school and a same-sex school is the same. However, there are some academic considerations when considering which would be better for your troubled teen.

  • Co-ed schools can be distracting for hormonal teenagers.
  • At a same-sex therapeutic boarding school, teachers can focus on the teaching modalities which are most effective for teaching that particular gender.
  • Same-gender schools can promote greater cooperation and eliminate some of the negative competitiveness from the classroom.

These considerations and others are part of why there are separate therapeutic boarding schools for troubled boys and troubled girls as well as co-ed ones.

Choose A Therapeutic Boarding School With An Academic Focus

Not all therapeutic boarding schools offer the same academic focuses. Some have extracurricular academic programs, such as music and culinary classes. Others are not accredited programs and can only offer students a G.E.D.

To find the right therapeutic boarding school for your troubled teen, contact us. We have years of experience helping families find the right place for their teen and we offer our services completely free of charge.

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