Good Values Found At Christian Boarding Schools For Troubled Teens

Good Values Found At Christian Boarding Schools For Troubled Teens

Troubled teens need all the help they can get to turn their life around, so if a teen has been raised in the Christian faith, he or she may respond well to Christian boarding schools. Christian parents often seek out a therapeutic boarding school that reflects their same values and where healing and recover is presented with a Christian message.

While there’s no evidence that Christian boarding schools are superior to non-denominational or non-religious teen help facilities, there’s no doubt that good values found at Christian boarding schools for troubled teens are universal.

What is a Christian Boarding School?

Therapeutic boarding schools are facilities where troubled teens live full time and go to school, all while under the supervision of caring, professional faculty and staff members. With a blend of academics, therapy and recreation, Christian boarding schools provide safety and structure that so many troubled teens need to start down the road to health and success.

How are Christian Boarding Schools Different?

Christian boarding schools implement Christian lessons, values and practices into the everyday life of the program. A Christian boarding school may have religious elements such as daily or weekly religious services, scripture-based devotionals and activities that center around Christian holidays and events.

Of course, Christian schools will also incorporate therapy, academics and recreation into their program to help troubled teens overcome their issues. Non-religious teen help facilities have similar functions, but don’t incorporate religious practices into the daily life of the troubled teens.

What are the Benefits of Christian Boarding Schools?

There are many issues that troubled teens struggle with–ADD/ADHD, anxiety, bipolar depression, trauma, low self-esteem, substance abuse, abuse trauma and more. When their current environment and school are not meeting their needs, they can find the help they need at a Christian boarding school.

Christian boarding schools provide 3 benefits for troubled teens:

  1. Academic support–Teens who are failing in traditional schools can get back on track when attending a Christian boarding school. Teachers with special training in adolescent education conduct small classes and get teens where they need to be. Many programs even have college prep or technical studies to prepare teens for a career.
  2. Therapy–Whether the issues are emotional, mental or behavioral, troubled teens need licensed and certified therapists to help them overcome the challenges they face. Individual and group therapy sessions are conducted frequently and help the teens form new coping skills, and get to the root of their problems.
  3. Recreation–Just as important as school and therapy, recreation is a key part of teaching teens how to make and reach goals, build self-esteem and establish and maintain healthy relationships. It also shows them that life can be fun, and gives them new activities and hobbies to fill their free time.

Parents who seek a Christian boarding school are doing so because they feel more comfortable with the program’s approach to implementing Christian lessons and practices into the school’s daily activities. The philosophies of the Christian religion is important to many people, and even when their teen is separated from them, parents feel better knowing they are not abandoning their religious roots.

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