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Boyd Hooper

Boyd Hooper enjoys helping teenagers and their parents. He believes that while the trials of adolescents are a struggle for many, they are not impossible to overcome. With education, support, and guidance, troubled teens can learn how to avoid the pitfalls of adolescence to become respectful, productive members of society.

After graduating high school, Boyd Hooper earned his Virginia Tech bachelor’s degree. To pursue his passion of helping others, he decided to take advantage of the education degree program at Southern Utah University.

With his dreams within reach, he started the Sunrise Academy. This school and treatment center helped teenage girls deal with many of the issues that were getting them into trouble with their parents, teachers and the law. With his discipline, guidance, and support, he was able to make his program a success.

To help more struggling teen boys and girls, Boyd Hooper developed three videos. These videos help parents identify the signs of a slipping adolescent. He encourages parents of troubled teens to take over the situation to help them avoid falling deeper into the world of deviance, which can make it harder to get out of later. As the parent as the leader, Boyd Hooper shows how to bring a teen back to the loving arms of a parent and turn away from the scary, tortuous path they are headed towards.

These videos can be easily downloaded below:

Boyd Hooper is now the director of admissions at Sundance Canyon Academy. He hopes to help this residential program with his experience, skills, and through his videos. His mission in life is to help as many adolescents as possible, so the future can be bright, happy, and stable for all of them.

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