Forums for Building Your Own Set of Parenting Resources

Forums for Building Your Own Set of Parenting Resources

Successful parenting means reaching out for help when you need it. Reaching out for parental help can include online or offline options. The following are some of the best forums for building your own set of resources to be the best parent you can be for your children.


PBS has been in the parent education industry for many years. Their television programs focus on child development and how parents can be involved. Their website is an extension of their television programs. They have activities for children, as well as plenty of information on parenting such as how ways to raise boys and girls, and how to create a healthy environment for families to thrive. It’s not only for parents of small children, there are many articles that can help parents of teens, so be sure to add this resource to your parental tool box.


Parent Tool Kit is a website for parents of children in pre-K to high school. It helps parents track their children’s progress through all of the development stages, and offers support for each of those stages. Understanding what to expect and knowing how to handle the many challenges that come along with development can help you know if your teen may need additional help from a professional. This site is produced by NBC News Education Nation and it’s supported by Pearson, so you know it has a lot of great information. It’s also available in Spanish.


This site offers support for many areas of life, not just parenting. It can help with creating a happy, health marriage, faith, and social issues. For parents, it has a wealth of information on how to help troubled teens, such as those that are rebellious and/or using drugs and alcohol.


Sometimes, it just feels good to vent and know others are dealing with the same situations. That’s what you’ll find at Support Groups website. They have a Parent Support Group, which is perfect for you to find others who will understand and offer advice.

Offline Help for Parents

While the Internet offers many resources at your fingertips, don’t forget your local community is a good resource. Check with your local library, community centers, and schools for information on support groups and informational meetings that can help you.

It may also be wise to reach out to professionals in your area who specialize in helping teens. They can offer support, encouragement and advice from a therapeutic perspective.

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