Factors That Set Boarding Schools in Utah Apart From Other Therapeutic Programs

Factors That Set Boarding Schools in Utah Apart From Other Therapeutic Programs
Parents looking for insight on what kinds of programs are best for their struggling teens are often bombarded with information on everything from therapeutic practices to medication ads. Even once parents narrow their options down to looking at therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens, there is still a bewildering array of options available.

However, one way to narrow down the different boarding schools for troubled teen programs you need to review is to look at them by state. Utah, in particular, stands out as a place with excellent regulations regarding these programs—as well as other benefits—and troubled teens are able to flourish again.

Why Choose A Utah Boarding School

When you are considering choosing a boarding school in Utah, there are a number of benefits that specifically apply to these Utah programs.

For one thing, Utah boarding schools are highly regulated to ensure the quality of the program and protect minors enrolled in these schools. As there is no current federal mandate on how boarding schools for troubled teens operate, the quality of private boarding schools can vary widely.

However, since Utah has taken the time to develop the proper legislation, there is greater consistency and quality found in boarding schools located in Utah. Below are other benefits of Utah troubled teen boarding schools.

Wholesome Environment

Boarding schools for troubled teens in Utah are generally located near quiet towns or off the beaten path to provide attending students with peaceful environments to help the healing process. In these wholesome environments, teens are less likely to sneak off-campus and are able to concentrate on their personal progress.

Accredited Academic Program

In some states, there is no requirement that the academic program needs to be accredited. That means teens may be taught by unlicensed teachers and will need to pursue a GED, which can limit some of the teenagers’ future opportunities.

At Utah boarding schools, it is required that the academic programs be nationally accredited and provided by state-licensed teachers. By attending a therapeutic boarding school in Utah, you can be sure your teen is receiving a good education along with immersive therapy.

Therapy Incorporated Into School

Part of why some teens don’t respond to therapy while living at home is the disconnect between the rest of their lives and their once a week therapy session, which is only an hour long. Instead, at a boarding school in Utah, therapy is incorporated into all aspects of your teen’s treatment.

From the weekly one-on-one sessions with their therapist, teens also have daily group therapy, experiential therapy, and regular family therapy sessions where the whole family can join in through secure video conferencing. Along with personal improvement projects, teens can benefit from more immersive therapy in their Utah boarding school.

Scenery Change Helps Attitude Change

Along with the supportive, therapeutic environment provided by a Utah boarding school, attending a program in Utah can help your teen change their attitude. Many attending teens come from urban and suburban areas, making the change to a quiet mountainous state quite outside of their experience. And as silly as it may sound, it is easier to reinvent oneself when you aren’t surrounded by the same old things and influences.

Boarding School Highlight: Liahona Treatment Center

In Utah alone, there are many boarding schools for troubled teens. One we would like to highlight is the Liahona Treatment Center, which is a residential treatment center. All Utah residential treatment centers need to meet the requirements for boarding schools before they can go on to meet the qualifications to be residential treatment centers. These more stringent requirements help set Liahona apart from other boarding schools in Utah.

Another factor is that Liahona is an all-boys treatment center. While there can be benefits for co-ed boarding schools, by having an all-male school allows for the removal of pressure on the teenage boys to engage in poor behavior in efforts to impress the opposite sex. Instead, students attending Liahona can focus on positive personal development.

To learn more about Liahona or other boarding schools for troubled teens in Utah, feel free to contact us. As parent advocates, we offer our insight and advice for free and can help you find all the information you need to make the right choice for your teenager.

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