Common Misconceptions About Boarding Schools

No matter if its a boarding school for troubled teens or any other kind of boarding school, there are some common misconceptions surrounding boarding schools. We want to set the record straight and clear up the myths around boarding schools.

Boarding Schools Are For Parents Who Don’t Want To Parent

The entertainment industry has often villainized parents who send their children to boarding schools, showing them as neglectful and uncaring. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s easy to send children to public school; for one thing, it’s illegal not! Sending a teen to boarding school takes more effort than looking up the local school district. Parents have to research schools, arrange transportation, funds, records transferral and more. These are not the actions of a neglectful parent, these are the actions of parents who want the best for their teens.

My Teen Is Too Troubled For Boarding School

Some parents we have spoken to are worried that their teens are too troubled to be accepted into a boarding school. However, there are private boarding schools which specifically work with troubled teens. At these boarding schools, the staff is trained to help their students work through the troubled teens’ negative behaviors.

So, while you do need to make sure that the boarding school you are considering will take a teen with a behavioral issue, there are schools out there which specialize in working with troubled teens.

Only Wealthy People Send Their Kids To Boarding Schools

Boarding schools can be pricey as they almost always are private institutions. This does not mean that only the rich and famous can afford to send their children to boarding schools.

There are educational loans available if you believe your teen can benefit from boarding school. Also, as boarding schools are generally private, they set their own prices and some will be more affordable than others. If your teen has some issues with public school and is not having their Individual Educational Plan (IEP) requirements met, then you may have a case for having the school district cover some or all of the cost of boarding school.

Boarding Schools Are Too Academically Challenging

Many parents transition their teens into a boarding school to give them a greater academic challenge. However, this does not mean that it would be too academically challenging for your teen.

Part of what helps boarding school students surpass their public school peers is the kind of one-on-one help that teens can receive at a boarding school. With the financial capacity to supply more teachers and tutors, boarding school students tend to succeed academically because they receive a higher quality of instruction, so the teens aren’t necessarily all young geniuses.

If you want help finding the right boarding school for your teenager, contact us today. We will discuss your teen’s particular needs and help you choose a place where your teen will flourish.

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