Christian Military Schools

What do you really know about military schools?  You might have heard about the possibility of sending a troubled teenager to a military school for behavior modification, but that’s not really what they are designed for.  If that was your assumption, you’re not alone.  Many parents have accepted the  stereotypes about military schools as truth, but in actuality, most of these schools are not actually designed for severely troubled teenagers.  Plus, most of them will only take students who are willing to enroll.

Military schools, however, DO offer a very structured environment, and Christian military schools are no exception.  There is usually no therapy involved, but the structured, Christ-centered environment can help many teens improve their attitude, respect authority, and become truly converted to Christianity.

However, before trying any type of military school, parents should be advised that it is common for a teen who acts out to get expelled from these schools, without any refunds on tuition.  The rules for expulsion and tuition refunds should be carefully examined before enrolling any student.  Many military schools also send students home for weekends and holidays, where the potential to get into trouble still exists.

What about Christian military schools?

Christian military schools do offer some contrast when compared to traditional military academies.  They do offer the same kind of structured learning as other military school programs, but they also teach students that they need God in their life, first and foremost.  This realization can lead to permanent, positive change in troubled teens.  When your teen accepts God as their master and Jesus as their Savior, they naturally want to do good, help their fellow man, and obey His commandments.  This leads them to desire to please their parents and others who love them.

The purpose of a Christian military school is not to humiliate a teen into submission, but to encourage, instruct, and change their entire outlook on life.  A teen teetering on the edge of self-destruction can get the help they need to not only behave, but to believe.  Internalizing that belief and desire for good is the key to lasting change, because it’s not just a change of behavior, it’s a change of heart.

If you’re a Christian parent dealing with a teen who needs help getting back on track, is losing respect for authority, and needs to be removed from the influence of peers going in the wrong direction, consider looking for a Christian military school.

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