Christian Boarding Schools for Troubled Girls

These days, all too many parents ask themselves what they are doing wrong.  They have tried to raise their children in a strong Christian home with positive moral values, but they may have one or more children who continue to act out, despite their best efforts to correct the behavior and turn things around.

When it comes to growing up, girls may be under even more pressure than boys.  They want so badly to fit in, to be popular, to be pretty.  Peer pressure and media beauty standards are everywhere, making emerging into womanhood a difficult, confusing process for many teenage girls.

The difficulty of growing up unfortunately leads many girls to defy authority, become angry, skip class, and fall in with friends who aren’t the best influence.  Your daughter may disregard the rules, come in late, and generally disrespect you.  You may even about depression, ADHD, anxiety, or substance abuse.  Perhaps you have tried getting expert advice or even direct counseling, with little or no success.


What is the next step to helping your daughter?

The good news is that there is always hope for your child to break the cycle and turn their life around.  Along with your prayers and example, you might consider looking into Christian boarding schools for troubled girls.  There are a number of them sprinkled around the country, so chances are there is one relatively close to you.  The more research you do on what the schools can accomplish and what specific schools may be nearby, the more confident you can be when making such an important decision.

Why a Christian boarding school?  Christian boarding schools are meant for girls from Christian homes, whose parents want to instill those beliefs and values in their daughters.  If you are concerned not only about behavior, but also about personal and spiritual growth, a Christian school might be exactly the solution you’re looking for.

Christian boarding schools will help your daughter keep up or catch up on her academic work, but also help her make the necessary personal changes from within.  These changes result in better behavior, more respect from authority, and a sense of purpose she can’t get anywhere else.

Consider this: if your daughter hasn’t fully accepted Christ, how can she live the Christian life you know is so important?  At a Christian boarding school, she begin to do just that.  Her faith and devotion will increase, as will her desire to live Christian values.  This desire begins a waterfall effect into every other aspect of her life.  She will learn to give and ask for forgiveness, repair relationships, find joy, and live her life with divine purpose and direction.

At a Christian school, the education and individual counseling your daughter requires will be integrated with the spiritual support she needs to improve her attitude, build her faith, and develop a deep desire to make God proud of her.

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