Christian Boarding Schools for Troubled Boys


Do you have a troubled son?  Does he act out, defy authority, skip school, and spend time with a questionable crowd?  Is he constantly breaking the rules and disrespecting you?  You may even worry that he’s depressed, suicidal, or experimenting with drugs and alcohol.  It can be very scary and frustrating for caring, devoted parents to experience this kind of trouble with their son.  Peer pressure is immense and media influences are everywhere, both contradicting what you may be trying to teach in your home.

What can be done to help your son?  If you have received advice, tried different parenting styles, or even arranged for counseling only to hit a brick wall, you might be feeling like there is no hope in trying to repair your family.  But there is always hope.

If other methods have failed or been met with nothing but resistance, you may want to consider a Christian boarding school for troubled boys.  Traditional boarding schools can educate your son and help him overcome challenges, but a Christian boarding school geared specifically toward troubled boys can educate, change, and enlighten them from the inside out.  If you are concerned about your son’s behavior, attitude, and mental state, but also about his spiritual growth, a Christian boarding school could be your best option.

Of course, sending your son away to a boarding school is a difficult decision to have to make.  But when your son’s life may hang in the balance, you need to carefully consider all options.  A Christian boarding school can help your son:

  1. Accept Christ.  While traditional boarding schools can educate your son and help him change his behavior, a Christian school goes beyond that.  Along with education and any necessary therapy, a Christian boarding school for troubled boys can help your son increase his faith and testimony in God and Jesus Christ.  Once your son learns and accepts Christ, he will learn to love and follow Christian values, which will help him get and keep his life back on track.
  2. Repair relationships.  There is nothing like acknowledging the love of God to help you love others.  At a Christian boarding school, your son can learn to recognize how much God and his parents love him, and learn how to accept and reciprocate that love.
  3. Find joy.  Christian boarding schools are able to transform angry, troubled boys into happy young men with renewed purpose and direction.  As you know, this kind of purpose in life brings a more positive attitude, more thoughtful decisions, and fuller joy.
  4. Become respectful and mature.  The structured, encouraging environment of a Christian boarding school can help your young man go from an overall attitude of defiance and contention to one of humility and respect for himself and others.

When expert advice and outpatient counseling isn’t enough, often the best answer is remove your son from peer and media influence, immersing him in faith, encouragement, and any necessary therapy.  At a Christian boarding school for troubled boys, your son’s treatment comes with a Christ-centered perspective that reinforces his beliefs as it repairs his behavior.


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