Teen Money: A Guide to Teaching Teens Money Management

It’s never too soon to learn good money management skills. Perhaps you were fortunate enough to have parents who taught you about financial literacy when you were a teen, or maybe it was something you had to learn through trial and error as an adult. Teaching your teen the finer details of managing their money […]

Utah Report Finds Increase in Teen Depression – Here Is What Families Can Do

Currently, Utah is the number 10 state in the U.S. for teen suicide and teen suicide rates are steadily rising. Between 2013 and 2017, teen depression has risen by 6.5%. If you recognize increased depression and suicidal behavior in your Utah teen, you can help your teen find the support they need. Action Items For […]

Authoritarian Discipline at Boot Camps for Troubled Teens Won’t Help

Teenage years are hard for any parent. With high emotions, changing bodies, and hormones, some teens become troubled and begin to fall into bad patterns and exhibit unhealthy behaviors. Parents are often at a loss as what to do with their teen and may look to boot camps for troubled teens for behavior modification. However, […]

Teasing VS Bullying: Helping Adults and Youth Recognize the Difference

Bullying can often be dismissed as teasing. Some people use the two terms interchangeably, but teasing and bullying are not the same kinds of actions. This distinction is due to how teasing affects people differently than how bullying affects others. Researchers have been continually finding disturbing links between suicidal ideation and bullying. The researchers also […]

Positive Teen Parenting: 5 Ways To Prevent Teens From Sexting

On average, kids get their first smartphone at 10.3 years, catapulting them into the digital world. Once they’ve reached this rite of passage, much of their social interaction revolves around their phone and other devices. This may include their first forays into sexuality. One in four teens has engaged in sexting or been sexted by […]

Holistic Learning At Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Standard educational methods often fall short when it comes to preparing teenagers to become successful young adults. This shortfall becomes glaringly apparent when trying to help a troubled teen succeed in the public school system. When this system breaks down, troubled teens often experience suspensions and expulsions, but nothing to really help the teen catch […]

Experts No Longer Recommend Youth Boot Camps For Behavior Modification

When looking for ways to help your troubled teen change their negative behaviors, you may have come across youth boot camps as a potential solution. However,  many experts have found that not only do boot camps not work but these kinds of programs can actually encourage recidivism (repeated criminal behavior). Boot Camps Are A Short-Term […]

10 Ways To Afford Your Teen’s Residential Treatment Center

Choosing to send your son or daughter to a residential treatment center for troubled teens is not an easy financial decision to make. To help you determine how you can afford to send your teen to a residential treatment center, we have 11 different options you can pursue. 1. Talk To A Troubled Teen Program […]

How to Help Your Troubled Teen Boy Succeed in Public School

The following scenario replays in homes across the nation. Parents receive an email or a phone call from their 16-yr.-old son’s teacher, who reports that their child is simply not doing his homework and is failing the class. Parents react in frustration, wondering what steps they can take to motivate him. If this has happened […]

How To Know If Your Teen Is Lying To You

Teenage rebellion is a good thing. This might be a weird statement to start with, but it’s true. It means they feel safe in your relationship. If your teen is pushing your buttons, breaking rules, and arguing, that’s good. They’re growing, shedding the clothing of their youth and redefining themselves by deconstructing who they had […]

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