Why is early teen intervention crucial?

Normal behavior vs. problem behavior Understanding the complexity of changes that occur in teenage individuals, as well as the challenges they face each day is not easy. In fact, the line between a real issue and normal teen behavior is not always evident. This why it’s important to know your teenager and assess the nature […]

What Every Parent Needs to Know About Teen Internet Addiction

When most parents think about addictions, they immediately think of drug addiction, alcohol addiction or even porn addiction. However, one of the fastest-growing types of addiction is teen internet addiction, also known as online or gaming addiction. Parents have good reason to worry about internet addiction, because teens are especially at risk for developing it. […]

Warning Signs of a Teenager Using Drugs

Concern is normal If you are worried about your child or have noticed some changes in their behavior, don’t ignore your intuitive inner voice. Here are some of the main physical and behavioral signs of drug use in teens. With a section for your questions at the end. Indications of drug use Teenagers are in […]

How To Protect Your Teen Girl Online

The internet and social media has transformed the way that people connect with each other, and no generation has embraced online communication like today’s teenagers. However, there are certain dangerous behaviors that teens can fall prey to unless they are informed and educated about online safety. If you are a parent wondering how to protect […]

How to Help Our Troubled Teens – Infographic

Teens all over the nation are constantly dealing with drugs, depression, violence and mental health disorders. It’s imperative that parents seek the appropriate help at the appropriate time to help their struggling teens.  The infographic below provides stats on how these issues are effecting teens and what parents can do to get help for their […]

Teen Internet Addiction Infographic

Everyone today has to be on the internet often but we see teens that use the internet to the point of addiction. There are a lot of problems that can be caused by internet addiction in teens and as parents you need to know the signs. Helping teens that are depenent on their mobile phone […]

Internet Addiction – How Much Is Too Much?

Teenaged boys have been major video game fans since the days of the original Atari. So, it’s no wonder that the virtual games of today would hook them. Not only are these games innovative and filled with dynamic graphics, users can play with others online. For some, however, this just joins two different potentially addictive […]

Teen Prescription Drug Use Problems – Infographic

Teens all over the nation are struggling with prescription drugs and parents are constantly looking for ways to help their teens.  The infographic below provides stats on how these drugs are effecting teens and what parents can do to help their teens overcome this issue. We have been helping teens with these issues for years […]

How to help a teens that self-cuts

Why do teens cut? The first thing parents need to remember-cutting is in most cases not a suicide attempt. It doesn’t seem harmless, especially not to parents, since it’s a form of self-injuring by making small cuts mostly on legs and arms. For parents to understand the underlying reasons for this behavior, we’ll try to […]

Seeing through the Vapor, E-Cigarettes – Infographic

With a growing threat of new innovations in the drug industry, teens are in great danger when they begin messing around with new trends like Vaping. With little evidence about the long term effects of Vaping it can be a huge threat to the health of developing teens. It is widely proven that the negative […]

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