Building A “Better You” At A Boarding School For Troubled Teens

Many parents are aware of the overt objectives of a boarding school for troubled teens, which is primarily to provide treatment for struggling teens. However, there are less obvious objectives which can be achieved at a boarding school for troubled teens. Namely, the goal of assisting the troubled teens in building up a better version of themselves so they will be able to leave the boarding school as stronger and emotionally healthier people.

Build Up Positive Self-Esteem At Troubled Teen Boarding Schools

There is often a common thread of issues which link troubled teens which attend a boarding school for troubled teens. Many of these troubled teens struggle with things such as:

  • Mood disorders such as bipolar, depression, anxiety
  • Reckless behavior, including unprotected sexual contact, criminal activities
  • Substance abuse, ranging from cigarettes to hardcore drugs like heroin
  • Defiance and poor anger management, leading to fighting and potentially bullying

Along with needed therapy to help treat the root cause of these issues, it is important to help a troubled teen rebuild their self-esteem in a positive manner. As prolonged troubled behavior leaves most teens with low or fragile self-esteem, boarding schools for troubled teens have found it imperative to assist teens in rebuilding their self-esteem. That way, the teens can retain their positive progress made at school.

Troubled Teens Can Develop Appropriate Social Skills

There are many activities built into the daily schedule of a boarding school for troubled teens which are aimed at helping troubled teens develop appropriate social skills. Some of the ways boarding schools for troubled teens do this is by:

  • Physical fitness – Part of how sports teams can be such a bonding experience is due to the endorphins released by physical activity. There are many points during the daily schedule of a troubled teen at a boarding school where they are allowed to release their energy in an appropriate manner. As they work out together, whether during chores, morning workouts, or during recreational time, troubled teens can experience positive ways to bond with other teens their age.
  • Therapy groups – Daily group therapy is important in boarding schools for troubled teens. There are generally several groups divided up to best suited to the needs of the teens placed in the groups. Within these groups, therapists will lead the group in supporting the other troubled teens as they work through their different struggles.
  • Shared mealtimes – Much like family dinners, sharing meals together is an excellent time to shore up the right social skills. Youth mentors act as part of the direct care staff at boarding schools for troubled teens and they help teens learn how to interact appropriately during mealtimes. As mealtimes are a good time to catch up and enjoy food with others, this can leave your troubled teen more inclined to eat with the family.

A Boarding School For Troubled Teens Can Center Teens

By sending your teen to a boarding school for troubled teens, you are allowing them time to center themselves in positive behaviors as well as time to build themselves into the teens’ better selves. If you believe your teen might benefit from a boarding school for troubled teens, be sure you contact us before you choose your school.

We can help you, free of cost, find the right boarding school for troubled teens which will suit your teen’s particular needs. As these schools can be expensive, a quick, free call with us will help you feel confident in investing in your child’s future.

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