Boarding School For Troubled Youth


Finding the appropriate program or facility for a troubled youth can be overwhelming for parents. Once parents decide that a full-time, residential program is the way to go, it’s still tough to find the one that meets the family needs. Finding the right boarding school for troubled youth takes time and research, but the end result is a facility that will help troubled youth return to the path toward a brighter future.

Who Can Go To Boarding School?

Parents with troubled teens should ask doctors, school counselors, psychiatrists and other experts whether their teen is a good candidate for a therapeutic boarding school. Based on the recommendations, parents can then determine what type of program is best. Teens who suffer from mental illness, behavioral problems and emotional issues are often in need of more help than traditional schools can give. Sometimes, teens are already suspended from traditional schools and have few other academic and social options. If teens are struggling at home, work and school, they are likely good candidates for therapeutic boarding schools.

What are Boarding Schools Like?

Boarding schools for troubled youth integrate academics, social activities and individualized help so that teenagers can get away from their current negative life and into a structured place where they have professional help in healing their pain, learning more about who they are, and overcoming the challenges in their lives. Similar to college, teens live in dorms or group homes and are expected to participate in chores and other activities. School and tutoring takes a big part of the day, and therapy does as well. Fun activities, clubs, and other extracurricular activities round out the days.

How Long Does Boarding School Last?

While each program is different, generally boarding school sessions go for 9 to 12 months. After that time, parents and teens, along with therapists and doctors, can decide if the teen needs to continue or if they can successfully integrate back home and into traditional school. Unlike short-term facilities like wilderness camps and boot camps, boarding schools are long and consequently provide longer-lasting results with troubled teens.

With such a wide range of choices for boarding schools, its no wonder that parents and teens are confused about where to go. Therapeutic boarding schools are a great choice for when the troubled teens need long-term help and a lot of structure as they work to navigate their recovery.

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