Best Schools for Troubled Teens

When parents can no longer provide help, discipline or structure for a troubled teen in the home, a therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment center is the best choice for getting teens back on track socially, academically and emotionally. Such schools are not all the same, and some are better than others in what they can do for your teen. The best schools for troubled teens are those that provide a safe and stable atmosphere where your troubled teen can get professional help in overcoming their issues. Help Your Teen Now is a powerful resource to help parents choose the best schools for troubled teens.

So how do you determine what the best boarding schools for troubled youth? To find the facility that will work best for your teen, you must do some research and compare several key factors. Above all else, the best facilities will have plenty of recommendations and references from other parents and teens who have completed the program. When you can communicate with people who have actually experienced what you and your teen will be going through, you’ll have an excellent idea of whether that school is right for your family.

Help Your Teen Now has compiled some of the best therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers, ones that are highly recommended by former students and their parents:

But how can you be sure that these schools are considered some of the best schools for troubled teens? Besides references, there are three other factors you need to consider when evaluating potential troubled teen programs.

Skilled Employees

The best programs for troubled teens hire only licensed and qualified therapists and counselors who have experience in dealing with adolescent issues. Further, the best facility for your teen should have experts in the issues that your teen struggles with, such as ADD/ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, teen depression, adolescent anxiety, eating disorders, abuse survivors, trauma survivors and more. Individual and group therapy are key components of healing, so the best facilities will create a tailored therapy plan for your teen. Make sure the facility has plenty of qualified teaching instructors as well, to ensure that your teen’s academic goals are being met. Help Your Teen Now can assist you in identifying the best schools with the best employees.

Safety and Structure

Therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers provide a neutral location for teens to be away from the distractions and obstacles in their current life. Sometimes that can be difficult for teens who are used to doing what they want and participating in reckless activities. The best schools for troubled teens create a highly structured environment and keep teens safe from themselves and others. Activities are designed to create social bonds, earn privileges and keep teens busy and engaged. From morning until night, teens are allowed to learn, grow and heal under the supervision of experts in treating adolescents. Help Your Teen Now provides detailed info on some of the best schools near and far.

Academic Emphasis

The best boarding schools for troubled youth have an academic component that is designed to get kids back on track with their studies to ensure they aren’t left behind. Education in all its forms is an important part of transitioning to adulthood and finding success in a career. Therefore, you should make sure that the academic side of the schools is well-developed, with licensed educators and experts who will design an individualized education plan for your teen. You should see a real team effort between teachers, therapists and others in outlining a plan on what is best for your teen when it comes to schoolwork. Help Your Teen Now carefully screens schools and only recommends those that meet high academic standards.

No matter what issue your teen is struggling with, there is a therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment center that can help. As you do your research on facilities that best fit your child, make sure that there is always an end goal that is stated as far as your child’s health and well-being is concerned. The best facilities will work with you to help your teen move toward that goal, mentally, physically and academically. With Help Your Teen Now, you can find a therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment facility for troubled teens that does all these areas well, giving you peace of mind that you’ve found one of the best for your family.

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