Benefits of a Therapeutic Boarding School

Therapeutic boarding schools are residential facilities designed to house troubled teens as they get help with a range of issues. The benefits of therapeutic boarding schools for teens who struggle are many, because the facilities provide everything that teens need to recover.

Even though it may seem drastic for parents to place their child in a boarding school instead of letting them live at home, often it’s the best solution for everyone. It’s important to compare therapeutic boarding schools because they are not all the same. Different states enact laws and regulations on teen therapy facilities, with some states being more strict than others. Other factors include cost, treatment philosophy, success rate and recommendations and references.

Student Profile

Therapeutic boarding schools accept teens with a range of issues that prevent them from succeeding at traditional schools and at home. Common issues include ADD/ADHD, oppositional defiance disorder, depression, anxiety, adoption and attachment issues, eating disorders, low self-esteem and substance abuse. When these emotional and behavioral issues negatively affect a teen’s life, it’s time for professional intervention. At a therapeutic boarding school, teens can get professional help from licensed therapists with experience in working with teens. Individual and group therapy sessions are scheduled to help teens evaluate their lives and learn new ways to deal with challenges.

Academic Focus

Academically, therapeutic boarding schools help troubled teens catch up to their grade level and stay on top of things. Teachers at therapeutic boarding schools are often experienced in special education, which allows them to really target the issues each student has. Also, the teacher to student ration is generally smaller than in a traditional classroom, so struggling students get more quality help and guidance. Many therapeutic boarding schools have college prep goals as well as vocational training.

Personalized Therapy

A reputable therapeutic boarding school will have licensed and qualified therapists and counselors as part of the staff. They often specialize in family therapy or adolescent psychology and work closely with students to get to the heart of their issues and work on modifying their behavior to something more healthy and positive. A personalized therapy plan is set up, usually a combination of individualized therapy, group therapy and family therapy where appropriate. A therapeutic boarding school is an excellent place for teens with mental health issues to get full exposure to therapy and start the path toward recovery.

Community of Caring

Positive peer pressure and recreational therapy is another big part of the recovery program at a therapeutic boarding school. Because other students are struggling with their own issues, counselors and therapists focus on teamwork, praise, privileges and a community of caring. Recreational therapy, equine therapy, art therapy and other activities boost each student’s self-esteem, allow them to set and reach goals and develop new and positive interests.

Teen Support Network

Therapeutic boarding schools provide students with a support network that they may be lacking in a traditional environment. Big high schools are generally not equipped or staffed well enough to really help teens who need more mental health intervention than a typical problem teen. Negative influences from bad friends are another reason to remove a teen from the current environment and put them in a therapeutic boarding school. The entire experience of a therapeutic boarding school helps teens to learn new coping skills, break bad habits, rely on professional help and gain the tools they need to transition to adulthood.

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