Avoiding Boot Camps as a Form Of Treatment For Your Aggressive Teen Son

Agressive teen

When a teen starts to act out aggressively, it can seem like a natural conclusion to send the troubled teen away to a youth boot camp. That way, the militaristic discipline can “straighten them out” for the parents. However, this plan can often backfire and return the teen home with amplified aggressive behaviors.

Boot Camps Send The Wrong Message To Aggressive Teens

Youth boot camps for troubled teens are structured to be similar to military boot camps. This structure falls short in helping aggressive teens manage their anger, as it focuses on punitive discipline.

For example, say a troubled teen commits a minor rule infraction. At a youth boot camp, the infraction will be punished often with exhausting physical labor, such as running laps or pushups. The punished teen often is accompanied by an instructor barking out commands like a drill sergeant would in a military boot camp.

This method simply reinforces aggressive tendencies in teens, as it clearly shows them that those who are in power use raised voices and punishment as a way to control others.

Aggressive Behavior Needs To Be Address Via Intensive Therapy

Addressing the root causes of a teen’s aggressive behavior needs to be done through the intensive therapy available in a residential treatment center for troubled teens. These teen treatment centers specialize in:

  • Offering individualized care plans which will address the various needs of each enrolled resident.
  • Providing daily therapy in the form of group therapy for support and peer guidance, individual therapy sessions, family therapy conducted by the teen’s therapist, and built-in experiential therapy.
  • Allowing for natural consequences to help teens learn from poor behavior, rather than through controlling punishments.
  • Educational advancement so the teen can rejoin their classmates or graduate with a high school diploma.
  • Arranging for personal growth through literary assignments, spiritual instruction (per parents’ preferences), and service opportunities.

    With these tools, an aggressive teen has a far better opportunity to have the source of their aggression addressed and can be provided with the tools to manage their anger.

    Find The Right Place For Your Aggressive Troubled Teen

    Residential treatment centers can vary in what they offer. Some specialize in teenage boys, some work only with troubled teen girls, and others are co-ed. To help you find the right residential treatment center for your aggressive, troubled teen, contact us today.

    We have decades of experience helping parents find the right place for their teenagers, and we offer our expertise completely for free. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have, and we will help you understand what all your options are to help your teen.

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