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7 Ways Raising Teen Boys Can Be Worse Then Teen Girls

Parenting is hard. However boys can be an extra challenge. Let’s take a look at some of the fun and serious ways that parenting boys can be tougher than parenting girls.  From birth, boys are interested movement. As they grow that tendency never goes away. Whether you have one son or 12 you know you […]

Avoid Problems Later With A Little More Quality Time With Your Teen

Quality time has become such a buzzy phrase that it seems to have lost some of the impact of what it could mean to families. As one of the best things that you can do is apparent is to spend time with your teen. The truth is as teenagers become more and more independent quality […]

Understanding The Reality Of Your Boy’s Depression

Sometimes it is hard to think of the boys as susceptible to depression. However depression amongst teenage boys is almost on par with teenage girls. As parents we need to do a better job of letting our boys know that it is okay to have feelings and express feelings. In fact it is called emotional […]

Some Teens Don’t Think About the Errors In Their Thinking, Help Them See

Have you ever looked at your teen in utter disbelief? Have you ever complained to your spouse, friend, or your teen’s teacher “I just do not understand this kid?” Have you ever said to your teenager, “What in the world were you thinking?” Of course you have! It is a parental right of passage to […]

Horses Have An Impact On Troubled Teens

Equine therapy is a residential treatment option some parents do not realize exists. Using horses in a therapy setting has been around for many centuries. The benefits of equine therapy for troubled teens cannot be matched by other residential treatment programs. Why Horses Make Great Counselors There are few people who would disagree about the […]

What To Look For In An out of State Boot Camp For Troubled Teens

One of the hardest parenting moments is knowing your teen needs the kind of help they can only find at a boot camp. However, for some troubled teens sending them to boot camp is the best decision you can make for their future. What Is Boot Camp? A therapeutic boot camp is very similar to […]

The Dangers of Cyberbullying Can Spread Farther Than The Device

While its a sad thing to acknowledge, bullying has been part of children and teenage life for a long time. However, with social media so prevalent in society, aggressors take bullying to a whole new level–cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is often more harmful than traditional bullying, and harder to eliminate. The biggest problem with cyberbullying is that […]

Unique Life Lessons Taught Through Equine Therapy

There’s no doubt that the relationship between humans and horses is a powerful one, and many troubled teens are benefiting from equine therapy, a treatment program that blends caring for horses with therapy. While traditional therapy can definitely help teens who struggle with a range of issues, there’s something special about equine therapy that can […]

5 Ways To Prevent Teens From Sexting

More teens than ever before own cell phones, keeping them up to date and connected to their peers. Many parents worry that the easy access to instant communication, both in writing and via images, means their teenagers are more at risk for sexting. Sending near nude or nude pictures via mobile phone is growing more popular with […]

7 Ways to Be an Awesome Parent to a Troubled Teen

Parenting a troubled teen can seem like you’re fighting a losing battle. Don’t give up just yet! You have many more ways you can be an awesome parent to your troubled teen. Find out what’s bothering him. Dr. Phil says that teens don’t usually switch personalities out of the blue. He believes there’s a reason […]

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