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The Scientific Breakdown of Teenage Meditation Practice: Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety & Addiction

Teenagers today suffer from more anxiety and emotional disorders than ever before. The increase of expectations on studies, responsibility, and pressure to “grow-up” instead of being allowed to stay young has taken its toll on our youth. Social media, texting, and other forms of communication over the internet encourage non-personal communication, distancing youths from relationships […]

If You Give A Teen A Smartphone

When you consider that more teenagers own smart phones than adults and that almost half of all teenagers have smartphones, you begin to understand the weight of social pressure your teen feels to have one. But before you rush to the nearest cell phone store, consider the positives and negatives of adding that extra line. […]

Love, Lust, and Infatuation: Helping Your Teens Understand the Difference

One of the scariest parenting moments is when teenagers become twitterpated. We have all been there so we all know how easy it is for common sense and reason to fly out the window. Teenagers are highly emotional creatures to begin with but when hormones swirl it can be confusing to really understand what they […]

What Happens At A Therapy Focused Boarding School In Northern Utah

Sending your child to a therapeutic boarding school can be a nerve wracking experience. You essentially have to hand your troubled child over to people you barely know. In this experience there is so much unknown all you can do is trust the therapeutic treatments the school uses. However there are things you can do […]

Letting Your Son Dry Out At A Therapeutic Boarding School In The Utah Desert

When you are considering placing your son in a therapeutic boarding school, you want to make sure the school is of the highest quality. Therapeutic boarding schools in Utah have a demonstrated tradition of excellence. One of the best things Utah therapeutic boarding schools have going for them is they are generally in such stark […]

See the Reason Some Teens Are More Likely To Abuse Prescription Drugs

One of the biggest mistakes I see parents making is convincing themselves they will be able to tell their teen is abusing prescription drugs. The truth is prescription drug abuse is incredibly difficult to detect since the drugs generally do not have the same physical effect as illicit drugs. Some parents do not even consider […]

What Is All The Screen Time Doing To Our Children

Technology is everywhere! While it is a wonderful thing, there comes a point when it becomes too much. Since the dominance of technology is still so new, the effects of screen time have not been thoroughly studied. However, it does not take an in-depth study for some of the effects of extended screen time to […]

Vaping Delivers Highly Addictive Nicotine And More

So far it does look like vaping is a safer—but not without dangers of its own—alternative to tobacco cigarettes but this is only true as long as e-cigarettes are used correctly. E-Cigarettes Are Still Addictive E-cigarettes do deliver the drug nicotine—the same addictive compound in tobacco—in liquid form that is then heated by the electronic […]

Boys Must Learn Different Ways To Handle Their Behavioral Issues

Boys are just different. That is not a negative or derogatory statement. It is a fact, boys are physiologically and chemically hard-wired to learn differently than girls. For teens without behavioral issues, these differences can be easily accounted for at home and in the classroom. However, should the boy move to the troubled teen arena […]

Calculating The High Cost Of Troubled Teens

Parenting troubled teens is expensive. The financial cost can be overwhelming but the emotional toll is not as easy to calculate. However, the cost for the teen can be life-long especially if left untreated or under-treated. As parents we want the best for our kids and when they reach the troubled teen stage it can […]

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