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My Teen Hates Me And Other Problems Parents of Troubled Teens Can Overcome

“I hate you!” they scream. In their actions, their words, those awful looks they give — they all radiate your teen’s anger. That resentment becomes apart of every interaction, reminding you, my teen hates me. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Even when it feels like there’s nothing left to do, there are […]

It’s Not What You Think: Myths About Military School For Troubled Teens Debunked

When we look at our military service members, we see hard-working individuals who are orderly and dependable. This is why many parents consider sending their difficult teen to a military school for behavior modification. The idea is that a little tough love and a structured schedule will set out kids in order. However, we have […]

Actions To Take If Your Teenager Refuses To Go To School

Very few teenagers enjoy going to school; however, most realize this daily task is non-negotiable and go anyway. But what do you do if your teen refuses to go to school? Here are 6 actions you can take to improve the situation. Get help from your village. Help in this area comes in many forms. […]

Parents Checklist for Enrolling Their Troubled Teen In a Therapeutic Boarding School

You’ve done your best to help your troubled teen overcome their issues and change their negative behavior. Yet despite your best efforts, their life is full of conflict, chaos, academic struggles and risky habits. It’s time to consider sending your child to a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens. There are some things you need […]

Help for Grandparents Who Are Raising a Troubled Teen

Parenting is hard work, especially the second time around. If you’re a grandparent raising your grandchildren—despite any aches, pains or financial limitations—you deserve some applause. By caring for your grandchildren, you’ve given them the chance to grow up a family home. It’s a good thing, too, because kids raised by relatives tend to fare better […]

When Regular Therapy Fails, Choose A Residential Treatment Center for Teens

Once regular therapy fails to help a troubled teen break free of their negative behaviors, many parents are at a loss for what to do. Often, that was their last resort, having already tried boundary-setting, long conversations, meetings with school administration, and more. However, for parents who have tried everything, there is still one more […]

How To Select The Right School For Your Troubled Teen Son

You’ve reached a breaking point with your son. A new crisis seems to arise each day, making your household feel more like a battleground than a home. It’s time to reach out for help by enrolling him in a residential treatment center for troubled teens. There are so many programs, it can be hard to […]

Should Your Troubled Teen Be In Public School Or Private School?

Considering how big a change it is for your teen to attend a new public school, sending them to a private therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens requires a truly significant adjustment. Because it involves time away from home, considerable financial investment and the very real work of personal and family transformation, it’s not a […]

Residential Treatment Centers Help Teen Boys Develop Healthy Relationships

The teenage years are when teens learn many of the relationship habits and behaviors which will follow them into adulthood, making these formative years critical. While negative or destructive habits can be unlearned, it is easier for these changes to occur when teens are still determining how they will relate with others. For teenage boys […]

How To Detach Christmas Presents From A Difficult Teen’s Bad Behavior?

Over the years, parents have been alternately lauded and lambasted for using Christmas presents as a tool to ensure good behavior. Since the whole myth of Santa Claus backs up the “be nice or no presents” tactic, it can be tough for parents not to indulge in a few present-related consequences. But when it comes […]

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