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Why Choose A Therapeutic Boarding School That Offers Behavior Modification

Families with troubled children suffer through a lot in trying to reconcile them. Many children and teens struggle with various conditions that can cause disruptive behavior, such as ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, mental health or personality disorders. Before receiving a diagnosis, it can be incredibly difficult for parents to find a solution. For many troubled […]

Consider Treatment At A Therapeutic Boarding School Specifically For Boys

When you decide to send your son to a residential treatment center or therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens, there are many considerations. Chief among these are which facility is best and how your family can afford your child’s stay. Another consideration mirrors a long-running debate in the K-12 education system at large. Should your […]

Preventing And Treating Teen Alcohol Abuse

It may seem inevitable that at some point your teen will experiment with drinking. The numbers bear out the very real possibility your teen will succumb to the lure of liquor. In a recent Youth Risk Behavior Survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 30 percent of high school students reported drinking in […]

How To Discipline A Teen That Doesn’t Care

  Let’s look at an imaginary but all-too-real scenario. You caught your teenager sneaking out of the house and, as a result, have confiscated their cell phone. You’ve done everything a sensible parent can do, like reminding your adolescent why you need to know their whereabouts. You’ve also hit them right where it hurts, in […]

Residential Treatment Centers: Licensing and Regulations

When your troubled teen is continuing to struggle, and nothing seems to be working, most parents begin to look toward solutions such as residential treatment centers. As a residential treatment center’s immersive and therapeutic environment is a large commitment of time, resources, and require that parents send their teen away, this is not an easy […]

​Behavior Modification Benefits For Teens Struggling With Depression

Has your teen been experiencing more than just the hormonal mood shifts and blues of their adolescent years? Are you worried at the level of depression they feel and how it has been impacting their life? Around 20% of teens will face a serious depression by the time they are in their 20’s. This is […]

​Helping Teens Manage Back To School Anxiety

As we round the corner into August, it is time to start thinking about back to school. For some teenagers, this is a fun time where they get to see their friends again, get back into their routines and edge a little bit further into their futures. It is no wonder they find it so […]

​Your Depressed Teen May Benefit From A Therapeutic Boarding School

Your teen can be sad from time to time. They can have a bad day, feel moody, snap at their siblings, not want to talk. All of that is normal for anyone of any age and can be worse when dealing with the hormones of adolescence. It takes time to learn to process emotions and […]

​Risk Factors Facing Troubled Teen Boys In The United States

Being a teen is harder now than perhaps it ever was. The high stress of demanded perfection, uncertainty about the future and the competitive nature of high school and college life is difficult enough. But when your teen is struggling with the modern day problems associated with young people today it is even more of […]

​Preparing Your Teen To Begin Treatment At A Therapeutic Boarding School

You have tried everything in your power to help your teen. They have been in therapy, support groups, on medication, involved in community service, in trouble with the school and even the law. Nothing seems to be working and you are at the end of your tether. Something has to change so it is time […]

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