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Why a Therapeutic Boarding School Is More Effective Than Boot Camps for Girls

You have a troubled girl. You want to help her, but you’re unsure what the best course of action is. It’s likely you’ve read about therapeutic boarding schools and boot camps, and while they both seem effective, they are different. From our experience working with troubled girls, we have found therapeutic boarding schools offer much […]

What You Really Need to Consider When Parenting Your Teen Girl

Adolescence is a difficult stage. Teen girls want to be independent, but they lack the skills to do it well. Parents want to protect them as they go through life’s experiences to gain those skills, and that’s where the struggles come into play. To help you with the process of parenting your teen girl, we’ve […]

Why Southern Utah Has Great Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Girls

What should parents of troubled teenage girls do to help them? When teen girls are behaving badly and their actions and activities are getting them in trouble at school, home and in the community, parents really should consider a long-term solution. For many, the solution comes in the form of a therapeutic boarding school for […]

How To Offer Emotional Support For Pregnant Teen Girls

When parents discover that their teenage daughter is pregnant, it can open the door to a range of emotions, from frustration and fear to excitement. It’s difficult for parents, who already know the challenges of being a mother or a father, to put their own feelings aside and be there to offer emotional support for […]

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