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Teaching Your Daughter How Happiness And Body Type Don’t Correlate

The media is full of images that claim to promote the perfect body. What body type this might be will differ based on the person who is posting the photo, and tastes vary. But one thing remains the same: they idealize a certain figure, and demonize the rest. When discussing something as sensitive and potentially […]

Self-Confidence and Self-Acceptance: The Ultimate Tools for Success

When you lack in self-confidence, you lack in self-reliance. If you can’t believe that you’re worth it, or that you can do anything right, you lose the ambition to try. There is nothing more damning to the soul than the absence of hope. When you’re a teen struggling to create your identity and discover who […]

How Poor Body Image Impacts Girls Targeted by Bullies

Body image is something that haunts women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. It can seem inescapable as part of our female DNA, as though we must wrestle with it and carry it around with us daily. In recent years there has been a big push in education and the media to promote a healthier […]

Troubled Teen Girls Get Their Lives Straight at Havenwood Academy

For teen girls with mental health issues, behavioral problems, delinquency, eating disorders, or other serious conditions, the future may be dark. It can seem impossible that a teenager, with compromised decision-making and coping skills, would be able to turn the tide of chaos that swims around her now. Families can find themselves in extreme distress, […]

Finding Solutions in Utah Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Girls

Having a troubled teenage girl can seem like an impossible challenge. It doesn’t just affect the teen girl, although it does affect her entire life. A troubled teen can affect the entire family, even the community. Unfortunately most families find that they can only go so far with the love and knowledge they have. Even […]

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