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Ivana Janevska researches and writes about substance abuse disorders for Addiction Blog. She is driven to help teens find appropriate addiction treatment so that they can make the most of life.

Should A Parent OF A Drug Addict Go To Counseling?

Yes! More here on what you can do NOW to help your teen or adolsecent who is struggling with a drug problem.

Is Family Counseling Covered By Health Insurance?

Maybe. Health insurance companies will pay for family therapy and counseling only if you or your teen are given a diagnosis that requires family counseling. More on this ins and outs of insurance coverage for family counseling here.

Intervention Plans For Families: 9 Things To Plan For

Are you getting ready to plan a drug or alcohol intervention for your teen? Don’t miss out on these nine (9) key steps.

Family counseling for addiction: Things to expect

What goes on during family counseling for issues related to addiction? We review the basic protocol and
expectations here. Then, we invite your questions or comments about family counseling at the end.

5 Normal Teenage Behaviors v.s. Acts That Require Help

Adolescence is a very confusing and turbulent period. Still, thereare some very obvious signs and symptoms that something may be off with your child. How do you know when it’s time to seek help? And when can you relax? In this article we introduce with five (5) teen behaviors that fall into the “normal” category, […]

How to do a teen family intervention?

How does a family intervention for teens work? When you discover that your teenager has behavioral, substance abuse problems or mental health issues, emotional reactions are expected. Situations like these can be very stressful, especially if you’re dealing with alcohol, prescription medications or illicit drugs abuse. Parents need to deal with their own feelings before […]

When should you set up an intervention for your troubled teen?

You don’t need to wait until your kid hits rock bottom to schedule an intervention. Interventions can organized when behavior takes radical proportions and/or the teen is abusing substances. In fact, the earlier the intervention, the better. More here. Is your kid shutting you out? Our children grow and develop so fast, we are proud […]

Why is early teen intervention crucial?

Normal behavior vs. problem behavior Understanding the complexity of changes that occur in teenage individuals, as well as the challenges they face each day is not easy. In fact, the line between a real issue and normal teen behavior is not always evident. This why it’s important to know your teenager and assess the nature […]

Talking to Tweens About Drugs

Having a conversation with your tween about drugs is not an easy task. In fact, it may be intimidating. But you need to do it!  Why? Because more than one talk is needed. Plus, you shouldn’t wait until it is absolutely necessary. Here, we educate you with a basic set of principles as you consider […]

Warning Signs of a Teenager Using Drugs

Concern is normal If you are worried about your child or have noticed some changes in their behavior, don’t ignore your intuitive inner voice. Here are some of the main physical and behavioral signs of drug use in teens. With a section for your questions at the end. Indications of drug use Teenagers are in […]

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