ADHD Teens Benefit from Unique Classes at Therapeutic Boarding Schools

ADHD Teens Benefit from Unique Classes at Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Schools are meant to be stimulating and challenging, but for a teen with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) the collection of people, activities and fast-moving events, all in one place, is just overwhelming. Teachers try to provide the best educational experience they can for their students, but today’s teachers are overloaded with increased instructional demands and decreased support and funding. With 30 to 35 students per class, teachers just cannot devote a lot of time to each student’s individual needs, or design separate educational programs to accommodate each student’s learning style.

If you have a child with ADHD you know how easily your child gets distracted and loses focus. Teens with ADHD can easily become over-stimulated when things around them are noisy, busy, and exciting. Boarding schools for struggling teens offer an environment that is calmer and more structured than that of a regular school. After school, teens get help from therapists in understanding their ADHD, and learning how to best deal with the unique problems they face every day.

Benefits of Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Teens with ADHD

Students at a therapeutic boarding school don’t start their school day by boarding a bus full of excited and noisy teens. The school schedule stays consistent, which is best for students with ADHD. Students are given daily and weekly goals or milestones to help them stay on track. The school size is smaller and class sizes are smaller, which helps decrease distractions. Smaller classes allow teachers more time to interact with students individually. There are fewer discipline problems and a more cooperative and supportive atmosphere in the classroom. In most cases, smaller class size results in better student achievement.

Classroom Structure Helps Teens with ADHD

Teachers at a therapeutic boarding school are trained to work with students with ADHD, and are allowed the time and support needed to help these students. For example, the standard classroom structure, in which the students sit at their desks and the teacher lectures, feels torturous to a teen with ADHD. In a therapeutic boarding school classroom, students may be allowed to stand or move more often. Teachers know that students with ADHD need help staying focused and organizing their work. Teachers break down educational units and assignments into smaller tasks, so that students can focus better and achieve success bit by bit.

Trained Professional Assist Teens with ADHD

Teachers and administrators at therapeutic boarding schools, also know the best way to handle discipline with teens with ADHD. Students often find that they physically can’t sit still and remain silent. They don’t understand why they are being punished for behavior that they feel is beyond their control. When they are disciplined, they see it more as persecution, and they complain that the teachers just don’t like them. Conversely, teachers who are trained to work with students with ADHD can help them to acknowledge the difficulties they face, but also accept responsibility and develop skills for better classroom behaviors.

Consider Liahona Treatment Center

Finding the best therapeutic boarding school for your child can be difficult for parents. But don’t fret. We can help you to find the right placement for your child, and advise you on how to work with insurance companies. If you have a boy with ADHD, you may want to consider Liahona Treatment Center. As a therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys, they offer comprehensive academic and therapy programs, as well as healthy and wholesome fitness and social activities such as hiking, camping, and water sports.

Your neighborhood’s public schools, even local private schools, are designed to help the general population of students. Although they try to serve the needs of all students, it really is impossible for them to provide the specific educational environment needed for students with ADHD. A therapeutic boarding school has a specially designed living environment and educational program to help students experiencing trouble with school because of their ADHD. If you’d like more information on therapeutic programs, give us a call and we can discuss the best options for your teen.

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