Academy at Sisters

The Academy at Sisters is a reputable therapeutic boarding school that helps teen girls deal with a range of issues such as
anxiety, depression, academic struggles, substance abuse, low self esteem, poor social skills, adoption and attachment issues, grief and loss, promiscuity, dishonesty and trauma. Equine therapy plays a big part in the Academy at Sisters program, as does the academic emphasis. Some of the unique advantages for girl enrolled at the Academy at Sisters includes year round school, small teacher to student ratio, regular community service projects and a focus on personal fitness and health.

The Academy at Sisters in Bend, Oregon Key Facts

School Name : The Academy at Sisters
Location : Bend, Oregon
Ages : 13-18
School Gender : Girls
Support for ADD/ADHD Students : Yes
Year Founded : 1994

Licensed Faculty at School

The clinical staff at the Academy at Sisters includes professionals with a range of degrees, such as a Ph.D in clinical psychology, a master’s in marriage and family counseling, and a master’s in social work. The academic staff includes state certified teachers.

Student Activities Available

Recreation opportunities are plentiful at the Academy at Sisters and include skiing, snowboarding, canoeing, camping, mountain biking, soccer, volleyball, basketball and horseback riding. Other activities include yoga, Pilates, music, dance, art and drama.

Map of School Location

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