A Holistic Method of Treating Your Troubled Boy

Holistic care refers to a method of treatment that is an alternative to conventional medicine. Holistic treatment means caring for an individual as a whole, including body, mind, heart and soul. Through healthy maintenance of daily needs such as nutritious food, sufficient sleep and healthy physical exercise as well as mental exercises like yoga and meditation, teens are able to be more receptive to the therapy they need in order to get their lives back on track and lead successful lives.

Unlike other therapeutic intervention methods for troubled teens, a holistic approach does not involve behavior modification techniques. Instead, it explores the emotions and reasons behind the bad behavior in order to resolve personal issues and effect lasting change. Many holistic treatment programs are often based around 6 key concepts:

  1. Therapy – The correct therapeutic approach helps troubled boys determine their identity and learn to communicate more effectively with peers and authority figures. Therapy also helps them learn to correctly handle day to day concerns and temptations.
  2. Education – Achieving educational goals allows troubled boys to improve their confidence and commitment to remain in control of that aspect of their lives.
  3. Recreation – Healthy play and recreation are important to the development of teen boys. Not only does it give them a chance to improve their physical health and acquire new skills, but it also provides an opportunity to participate in team building and competition. Regular exercise also reduces depression and anxiety.
  4. Nutrition – Nutrition has been proven to have a large influence on both health and well-being. Keeping your blood sugar stable throughout the day through a balanced diet can help calm your mood and avoid the swings and crashes that come from sugary and fatty options. Holistic treatment often includes high quality whole foods that contribute to both mental and physical health.
  5. Life Skills – Each troubled boy needs to learn life skills in order to become an independent and competent adult. Healthy communication and effective problem solving will help individuals navigate the obstacles in life and improve interpersonal relationships.
  6. Service – One of the critical parts of getting teen boys back on track is ensuring that they have a strong understanding of empathy. Service allows them to put others before themselves and reap the benefits that come from helping others and improving their local community.

A holistic method for treating your troubled boy can be ideal because it combines natural, whole body wellness with more contemporary clinical therapy options. Boys who recover via the holistic approach have the opportunity to return home having learned balance in every portion of their lives. These lifelong skills will serve them well as they grow into adulthood. It should be noted that a holistic approach may not be the ideal option for every troubled boy. Based on your son’s needs, carefully research all your options before selecting the one that gives him the best chance of success.



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