7 Ways to Be an Awesome Parent to a Troubled Teen


Parenting a troubled teen can seem like you’re fighting a losing battle. Don’t give up just yet! You have many more ways you can be an awesome parent to your troubled teen.

  1. Find out what’s bothering him. Dr. Phil says that teens don’t usually switch personalities out of the blue. He believes there’s a reason your troubled teen is acting up, so you’ll have to find out what that is to help him. Think about what has changed lately, so you can provide support.
  2. Love your teen. When teens do not feel as though their parents love them they will often cling to peers who may not be a good influence. This can lead to risky behaviors and getting into trouble. Hug your teen, express your love and pride.
  3. Teach your teen. Your teen learns from you even though he won’t admit it. When you become angry, exhibit appropriate anger management skills. He will be watching you, and will likely use your skills the next time he becomes angry.
  4. Talk to your teenager. It can be difficult to get your adolescent to sit down and talk with you, but there’s no harm in trying. Even if it’s only for a couple of minutes, it will have an influence.
  5. Establish rules. As much as he might grumble about it, rules show him you care. If you didn’t care, you would let him do whatever he wanted when he wanted, right?
  6. Establish consequences for bad behavior. Adolescents are learning about life while they are dealing with hormones that can make risky behaviors a much better idea than it is. The best way to slow down the impulsivity is to remind him of the consequences of those behaviors.
  7. Identify warning signs of anger or bad behaviors. Pay attention to when your teenager becomes angry or is about to engage in bad behavior. There are usually warning signs. Voice those warning signs to your teen, so he can learn them too. You can then provide suggestions on how to deal with the trouble that may be coming.

It’s likely you are already a good parent to your troubled teen because you read this article. Now you have new tools for your troubled teen toolbox. As you implement each of these suggestions, you’ll learn what works for you and your teen. Just remember, be sure to take care of yourself while you parent. If you’re not well, your teenager can’t be well.

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