7 Keys for Healthy Relationships

1. All relationships require a firm base. A foundation of trust provides Security. People must take full responsibility for their part in making relationships healthy. Feeling secure provides the motivation to move forward with inter-dependence rather than becoming overly co-dependent, OR so independent that there is no real relationship.

2.   Creativity provides the initiative to keep the relationship moving in the intended direction. Through creative compromise and negotiation each person involved needs

to make and keep agreements. Unwillingness to keep agreements is the main reason relationships falter and eventually fail.

3. People in Powerful relationships share daily activities. Each person feels empowered when sharing both separate and combined accomplishments with each other.

4.  Love takes many forms. In healthy relationships, the identity and roles that each person plays are allowed to shine forth and become fully actualized.

5.  Communication is essential to achieve intimacy in relationships on all levels. How to communicate needs to be pre-determined, depending on the given circumstances, and then the lines of communication must be kept open.

6. Shared Visions are why relationships flourish. We all need each other to succeed in life and in love. The results of shared visions often live on for future generations.

7. Strong Connections are formed when people set the intention for partnerships to reach their fullest potential. This provides a sense of integrity and contributes to that firm foundation, which provides the security to keep moving forward.


Application of these 7 Keys are most effective when everyone involved sets the intention for all aspects of partnerships to work toward the highest and best results for all concerned.



More details regarding 7 Keys for Healthy Relationships can be found in Exploring Intimacy: Cultivating Healthy Relationships through Insight and Intuition (2010) by Suzann Panek Robins.  Find more information at www.SuzannRobins.com  

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