5 Things to look for in a therapeutic boarding school

When your teen is out of control, defiant, failing school and generally heading down a path that you know isn’t any good, you may feel like there is no hope and that you’ve done everything you can to help. When your own efforts aren’t doing any good, consider a therapeutic boarding school for your struggling teen. Therapeutic boarding schools are designed to help teens with a range of issues and provide the therapy, recreation and academic assistance they need to get another chance at finding a future and making it happen, say experts at HelpYourTeenNow.com.

Therapeutic boarding schools are not all the same. Certain factors like the state they are located in, the types of people who work there and past references are all factors to consider. Here are 5 things to look for in a therapeutic boarding school:

1. Staff Credentials

Not all boarding schools are alike, so one of the key factors in determining whether your child should attend must be based on the training and qualifications of the staff. Check to see that there are licensed professional therapists that work with the teens and learn about other qualified personnel such as RNs, social workers, physicians and more. You want to choose a facility that is run by professionals, not people who think they know what is best but don’t have the training or education to back that up.

2. Location

Some states have strict laws about the operations of a non-profit school or therapeutic boarding school and hold the facilities to the highest standards. Other states don’t have such strict requirements and allow a range of operating standards. Choose locations for schools that are situated in the top states so that you’ll have peace of mind knowing that when your teen is away at therapeutic boarding school, he or she is a t a secure, regulated facility.

3. Longevity

While not every therapeutic boarding school that is new is unproven, it makes sense to look at schools that have been around for a while. This shows that there are schools with graduates who can vouch for the success of the programs, and indicates that the school owners and leaders are doing something right in order to stay open and stay compliant.

4. Cost

Therapeutic boarding schools are not free and many parents wonder about what it will take for their teen to enroll in the therapeutic boarding school. Schools differ widely in tuition, scholarships, cost to insurance and payment plans, so make sure you look for a school that fits your budget and is willing to work with you on the terms of payments and tuition

5. References

In order to determine whether or not the therapeutic boarding school is living up to the hype and marketing, you must ask for and then contact each of the references that the school provides. The references are like success stories that other parents, and sometimes the teen, write down after graduating from the program and either moving onto a traditional school or finding gainful employment somewhere.

Troubled teens from across the country have several therapeutic boarding school options when it comes to getting professional help for a range of issues. From ADD/ADHD and oppositional defiance disorder to substance abuse and depression, teens who struggle in a traditional environment can really find a way to thrive in a therapeutic boarding school. It offers them a new start and the chance to leave bad habits behind. Teens will also benefit from the focus on academic and blend that with important therapeutic sessions with licensed professionals. Therapeutic boarding schools may be the answer for your family.

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