4 Practical Skills Taught to Troubled Teens At A Boys Ranch


Teenagers who are facing behavioral issues tend to feel even more helpless than parents feel trying to help them. They are out of control, unable to regulate their own emotions, struggling to fight their impulses. Many are experiencing serious mental health issues, such as depression, manic cycles or the impact of severe trauma.

In the wake of all this internal chaos, the life skills they would normally learn during these formative years are left by the wayside. This makes things worse, hurting their self esteem and leaving them unable to fend for themselves when their peers are progressing.

A boys ranch is more than just a place to get help for behavioral and emotional problems. It is a program designed to catch them up to their peers in maturity, academic progress and with those life skills they are lacking. Here are some practical skills taught to troubled teens when they attend a boys ranch.

Equestrian Care

You might not think of this as a practical skill that most people would need in real life, but you would be surprised by the benefits of caring for horses. Equestrian care teaches boys to empathize with another living creature, to connect on an emotional level and to maintain regular responsibilities.

Not only that, but equestrian therapy has been used to great effect for coping with extreme behavioral issues by many programs.

Cooking and Baking

One of the most basic life skills that even many adults lack, cooking is an important ability that can help a teen care for themselves and someday a family. These programs will often have boys learn how to prepare several meals and then take turns working in the kitchens to put those skills into practice. Think of it as advanced home economics.

Survival and Outdoors Skills

A boys ranch is not a wilderness program, but they will still learn some outdoors and survival skills during their time there. Hiking, camping, fishing, rafting and climbing are all common extracurriculars that your teen can take part in while at a boys ranch. They will learn a lot during the process that could serve them well in the future. Plus, it is a lot of fun.

Emotional Regulation

One of the most critical skills they will learn is emotional regulation, or controlling the intense emotions that are causing them to lash out. Your child will be taught to recognize, reign in and conceptualize the things they are feeling.

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