12 Mistakes of Modern-day Parenting

Every day is a battle in the life of a parent – either you’re stressed about bills, work, or your relationships. There is a constant need to recharge your batteries so you can keep fighting through the hard parts and make it all work. We can’t figure out how to reduce your hours at work while still bringing home the same amount of money. We also don’t have the magic formula for making all of your relationships at home a dream come true. But, we have noticed 12 pretty specific things we believe most parents are getting WRONG about parenting that if you watch for, you can stop.

Parenting is a totally different experience than it was 20 years ago. Our kids are exposed to more information than their little spongy brains know what to do with. They’re doing their best to sort it all out but as you nix these 12 mistakes from your gameplan, you’ll see things start to slow down and take a more manageable shape.


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