​Modeling Healthy Use of Technology to Your Teens

Technology is everywhere and our children are growing up with it being a natural part of their daily lives. It is critical that we as parents teach them good habits involved with technology to prepare them to live a healthier life in the real world.

Here are some tips for healthy habits with technology we can teach our teens.

  • Get Proper Sleep – How often have you gone out at 10 PM or later and found your child watching a YouTube video in bed, or Snapchatting a friend? Chances are, they aren’t getting the sleep they need. They should learn to turn off the phone and go to bed.
  • Install Blue Light Filters – One way that can help them maintain a healthy circadian rhythm is by installing a blue light filter onto their phone and computer. Some devices already have one that can be turned on via Settings. Others can have a program like Twilight or Flux installed for free.
  • Spend Time Away From Screens – Everyone needs to get away from their screen life and spend some time in the real world. Go on a walk or bike ride. Go bowling as a family. Take a hike. Go swimming. Play a board game. Just get away from screens for at least a little time every day.
  • Spend Time Outside – We need sunlight and we aren’t getting enough of it. With how much time the average teen spends in their dark room, playing computer games, is it any wonder the depression rate is so high?
  • Open The Windows – A simple solution to time spent indoors is to make that time still count as some sunlight exposure. Open the windows, get some fresh air and enjoy the natural light. They should still be spending some time outdoors, but this is good to add to that.
  • Make Mealtimes Screen-Free – One of the best things you can do as a family is have a meal together every day. It doesn’t matter which one it is, whatever fits your schedule and lifestyle. But make sure it is a screen-free time, where you have a face to face conversation and enjoy one another’s company.
  • Teach Them About Cyber Bullying – Many teens don’t realize that cyber bullying is just as serious and devastating as face to face bullying. Teach them that hiding behind a screen does not absolve them from their actions when they choose to be cruel online, or partake in activities they know are wrong and hurt others.

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