Evaluating Residential Treatment Programs To Make Confident Decisions

Since no parent receives a parenting manual when they’re given their baby, parents have to make many decisions without much guidance. One of the more difficult decisions comes up when you have a troubled teen in need of help from a residential treatment center. There are so many available to parents today that it can […]

Repairing Behaviors At A Residential Treatment Center

There comes a point for some parents of troubled teens where they need a greater level of intervention to help repair their teens’ troubling behaviors. One of the most intensive options which can help teens change is a residential treatment center. The focus on several aspects to help repair negative behaviors and have found great […]

Why Residential Treatment Centers Separate By Gender

When looking at residential treatment centers for your troubled teen, you may have noticed these treatment centers are separated by gender. This was not done by accident. Whether openly stated or not, teen residential treatment centers have several reasons to separate their residents by gender. Social Reasons For Gender-Separated Treatment Teens place much social pressure […]

Grade Repair Opportunities in Residential Treatment Centers for Teen Boys

When you choose to send your troubled son to a residential treatment center, you don’t want him to fall behind academically. Not only can this affect your son’s future plans but also undermine the help he receives from being in a residential treatment program. Improve Academics And Help Change Troubled Teens While it would be […]

Is Residential Treatment Center the Same as Inpatient?

As parents search for tools to help their troubled teens, we are often asked if residential treatment centers are the same as inpatient care. On the surface the two are similar, requiring their patients to board at the facility and generally utilized for intensive treatment. However, once you closely examine the two types of treatment, […]

How Is Residential Treatment Center Different From Regular Therapy?

Parents who are just beginning to explore treatment options for their troubled teen may have a difficult time determining what are the differences between a residential treatment center and regular therapy. The two have similarities but overall, serve slightly different purposes which we wanted to highlight. Key Points Of Regular Therapy For Troubled Teens When […]

Explaining Why You Sent Your Troubled Teen To A Residential Treatment Center

When struggling with a troubled teen and finding all your local resources aren’t able to help them, your family may come to the decision to send your teen away to a residential treatment center so your teen can receive the intensive help they need. A difficult side-effect of choosing residential treatment for your teenage is […]

Preparing For Your First Family Visit A Residential Treatment Center

When troubled teenage boys are first settled into a residential treatment center, it is not usual for them to be upset with their families. These boys have been following a dangerous path but most believe their behavior is normal, even acceptable and it is the parents who are in the wrong. This can make the […]

How Residential Treatment Will Help Your Emotional Teen

Most parents don’t want to send their troubled teens to a residential treatment center, but they do it because they hope it helps them in the long run. A residential treatment offers many benefits for teens who are suffering from emotional stress. The therapeutic programs and restrictive environment is the perfect combination in giving a […]

What Contributes to Your Teen Girl’s Negative Body Image

Why should you care about your teen girl’s body image? The reason is simple. According to a report by Common Sense Media, body image is a very key part of all of our emotional and psychological well-being. Body image has an affect on every part of our lives: both our physical and mental health, how […]

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