How Your Teen Can Help Their Suicidal Friends

Suicide is possibly the cruelest means of death for survivors to reconcile. Unlike a heart attack, cancer or a car crash, survivors of a friend or family member who has taken their own life are forever left with the question, “Why?” Teen suicide rates are startling. Since the onset of social media, a new form […]

Signs Your Teen Boy Needs Behavioral Modification

No one said parenting teenagers was easy. Before you realize, your sweet little boy has become a tyrant, and he won’t listen to you. Your worst nightmares have come true – your boy is a teen. Psychologist Nadine Kaslow, PhD from Emory University in Atlanta says, “It’s so hard for parents when this happens, but […]

Improving Self-Awareness to Help Your Troubled Teen

Helping your teenage child become more self-aware is one of the best things you can do for them, especially if they are struggling with issues like substance abuse, trouble in school, relationship problems, or a host of other troubles. It is important both to understand why troubled teens need this kind of self-awareness and how […]

​​10 Service Opportunities For Teens During The Holidays

Many teens become caught up in the commercial aspect of the holidays. When dealing with a rebellious teen, many of the problems you are experiencing with them may become more pronounced as emotions run high. As teens don’t have as much life experience as their parents, teens can become overly involved in their own problems. […]

Manual Labor Helps Struggling Girls

If you have a daughter who is engaged in defiant behavior, including curfew violations, substance abuse, angry outbursts, gang activity, juvenile delinquency, violence and similar dangerous behavior, you might wonder what course of action you should take. A commonly overlooked option — manual labor — might prove to be just the solution you need to […]

Animal Therapy for Troubled Teen Boys

Troubled teen boys need positive interactions to help them reengage with society. One way to help them with this process is through animal therapy. Teens can benefit from pet therapy either through personal visits or in a residential program. The Background of Animal Therapy Indian mythology provides many stories of the relationship between humans and […]

Finding Hope for Your Troubled Teen Son at an All-Boys’ Therapy Program

As boys transition into teens, they might begin to act out and rebel. Parents sometimes struggle with telling the difference between a normal search for independence and serious or problematic behavior. Breaking curfew and smoking cigarettes sometimes symbolize a challenge from your son. However, pay close attention if your child engages in criminal, violent or […]

Rebellious Teens Can Change with Residential Treatment

Truancy, experimentation with alcohol or drugs, bullying, uncontrolled rage, gang affiliation, violence, criminal behavior and more — these are all signs that your teen has seriously rebelled and is headed down a difficult path if you do not seek immediate help. However, all is not lost, and your rebellious teen can change with the help […]

Therapy And Drastic Change In Scenery May Be What Your Teen Needs

If you have gotten to the point where you feel like you have tried every single avenue out there and nothing is getting through to your teenager, it’s time to seek outside help. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed by coming to this conclusion, the fact that you care enough about your child to get them […]

Teaching by Example: Helping Your Daughter Find Positive Female Role Models

Strong family relationships help children transition into stable and mature adults, but these relationships are especially crucial during the teenage years. Your child’s associates will strongly influence their morals, self-esteem and confidence. Unfortunately, with our media-driven culture, many teens look up to entertainers, sports figures and other celebrities as their role models. While not all […]

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