Parenting Teens Who Don’t Respond To Authority

It can be extremely difficult to deal with a teenage child who has complete disregard for authority, especially the authority of their parents. However, this occurs all too often during the period where teens are struggling to define themselves and parents are becoming concerned about their teens’ safety. Here are a few ways to respond […]

How Peer Relations May Be the Culprit for Teen Depression Above Other Factors

There are many different factors that can lead to and help cause depression in young adults. Unfortunately, the relationships between peers at this time of life have not been extensively studied for their potential connection with the issue of teen depression. In truth, it seems there is a strong connection between these two issues, strong […]

Regularly Setting Goals as a Family—And Keeping Them!

Setting regular goals as a family is a great way to bring everyone together under a common purpose, and if you do it right, it will also help everyone in the family feel more heard and understood. Step One: Listen to Everyone’s Needs and Feelings In a family, everyone should love and support one another, […]

A Step-Parent’s Views on Parenting Tactics

Being a step-parent is tricky. Knowing how much to intervene in your step-child’s life without doing too much… or too little. Here are some important parenting tactics you can use to strengthen your relationship with your step-child. Don’t Try to Change Everything Too Fast provides some great advice for step-parents on the subject of […]

How Yoga and Outdoor Therapy Can Help with Addiction

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual discipline whose origins can be traced to ancient India. Even though modern Yoga places a lot of emphasis on postures, breathing and meditation exercises are important aspects of the discipline. The aim of Yoga is to utilize breathing, meditation, and physical exercise to turn the focus inwards and […]

Taking Action When Your Troubled Teen Manipulates Your Spouse

Adolescents are good manipulators for many reasons. They want attention. They want love. They also want to protect themselves when they have done something wrong. According to psychologist and author David Swanson, adolescents want to figure out the consequences of their actions. So, they do things to see what kind of reaction they will get […]

The Impact of a Positive Outside Influence on Your Defiant Teen

Positive outside influences, also known as good role models, can be a lifesaver for your troubled teen. While there are many stars, sports figures, and actors that teens may consider as role models, most of them want someone who is easily accessible. This can be a relative, coach, or a teacher. How Role Models Help […]

Take-Home Techniques for Your Son After a Successful Stay at a Troubled Teen Boarding School

Dealing with teens presents various stressors, especially when he deals with behavioral problems. However, if you don’t step in, these issues can escalate out of control until he gets into trouble with the law. You will need to take intentional and proactive measures. One solution to his behavioral issues might be a simple intervention or […]

What Utah Programs Are Doing to Address the Opioid Epidemic

Though conflicting studies argue whether the opioid epidemic is trending higher or lower among teens, certainly opiate abuse plagues the U.S. overall. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports opioids cause over 60 percent of overdose deaths, with heroin as a large contributor to that number. The death rate has quadrupling since 1999. The […]

When Your Teen Son’s Violent Behavior Puts Family Members at Risk

Teenage boys can be just as big as adult men are. They also can have just as much power. This can become a problem if they become violent. Since adolescent boys are still trying to figure out how to manage their emotions, they can sometimes lash out at the people around them. While they may […]

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