4 Positive Conversation Starters When Speaking with a Troubled Teen

Communication with teens is crucial when it comes to helping them through adolescence. It’s not easy, though. Parents often struggle with connecting with their teenager because this stage of development is marked with a strong desire to break away from parental restraints and become independent. This is why many relationships between parents and teens are […]

Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Boys Who Struggle with Behavioral Disorders

He’s isolative. He’s angry. He’s violent. You have no idea what you’re going to do with your adolescent boy who has seemed to take a 180 with his behavior. Behavioral disorders are serious. They lead to risky behaviors and situations. Drugs, alcohol, sex, and criminal activities can all take center stage when a teenager is […]

A Real Teen Boot Camp Compared to What You’ve Seen in the Movies

We’ve all seen the movies that depict teen boot camps as rough, disciplined camps that whip defiant teens into shape and magically turn their lives around by the end. But can you actually believe what’s depicted in the movies? Are boot camps really all that successful? And what is it really like in a teen […]

What Your Teen Girl Can Find in Herself After a Stay at a Troubled Teen Ranch

When your troubled teen girl needs more help than you can give at home, you may feel as if you have failed. You may worry that she will blame you for “sending her away.” But the truth is that some troubled teens are not able to experience healing in a regular home or school environment–at […]

Out of the Box Options for Helping Your Troubled Teen Boy

When you have a teen boy who rebels, even going so far as to find himself in trouble with the law, it calls for a revision in parental thinking. The first instinct for most parents is to wonder what they did wrong? But know that in spite of the best parenting, there are teens who […]

Ways Your Teen Expresses Their Grief and How It Can Be Improved

Unfortunately, adults are not the only people who have to experience grief in this world–children and teens do, too. And grief is just as individual an experience for teens and children as it is for adults. Let’s focus on the grieving process for teens. What ways do teens express grief, and how can it be […]

When Your Kids Have Friends Who Struggle With Depression and Suicide

Suicide is possibly the cruelest means of death for survivors to reconcile. Unlike a heart attack, cancer or a car crash, survivors of a friend or family member who has taken their own life are forever left with the question, “Why?” Teen suicide rates are startling. Since the onset of social media, a new form […]

Working With Teens Who Display Criminal Behavior

It typically starts small. Your teenage son was caught shoplifting by the owner of a local grocery store. The manager knows you and your family, and assumes it’s nothing more than a prank. He lets your son go with nothing more than a phone call to you, assuming the consequences at home will cure him […]

Programs for Defiant Teen Boys

Every year in the United States, countless parents of teenage boys find themselves engaged in the struggle of their lives. Their teens have become openly defiant to them, as well to all authority figures in their life. These parents are at a loss. They have no clue what steps they should take to get their […]

Why Your Teen Needs To Be Independent To Progress In Life

It is difficult for every parent to give their teenager independence. You’re worried they will make mistakes, they will end up getting hurt, or that they’re incapable of doing things on their own. All of these points are likely true, but they are also essential parts of growing up. Here are four reasons to give […]

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