How Teens Views Of Effective Therapeutic Boarding Schools Change

It has been a difficult road, through therapists, outpatient programs, alternative schools/classes, and legal counsel. But your teen is still struggling, and you are at the end of your rope. The more extreme options have been put before you, and the more you have thought about it, the better a therapeutic boarding school seems to […]

Implementing Routines and Structure In Your Teen’s Life

It’s no easy feat raising teenagers, much less getting routines and structure implemented into their lives. Unfortunately, for many parents, they don’t have the necessary structure in their own life to instill it in their teenagers. Living mindlessly or inconsistently, going from one activity to another, from one project to another – all reasons for […]

6 Skills Every Boy Needs To Become A Man

Every boy needs to learn and know certain skills to be an effective and competent man in the world. A man feels like he needs to be prepared no matter what situation he is faced with or in and that he can handle himself to act rather than be vulnerable. Men have long been known […]

Residential Treatment Centers in Utah

For parents with teenagers that are not thriving in traditional schools and can’t seem to get a handle on their emotional and behavioral problems, there may not seem to be much hope. However, residential treatment centers in Utah have a high success rate in treating adolescents with mental illness and emotional trauma. Instead of enduring […]

10 Points That Make Staying At A Residential Treatment Center Worth Your Teens Time

Parents of teens who are struggling with severe emotional or behavioral problems know well that their teen’s risky behavior can become dangerous both to themselves and others. If your teenage son or daughter is battling issues such as anxiety, addiction, depression, eating and mood disorders among others, you might be wondering whether sending them to […]

Changing The Way Your Student Learns Their Curriculum at Schools for Troubled Teens

During the adolescent years, teens sometimes act out in defiance. Teenagers that deal with emotional, behavioral or social problems struggle with increased difficulty with authority, so they might struggle in traditional school settings. Many troubled teens require a highly structured environment away from their ordinary lives in order to change. When local resources are exhausted, […]

How You Can Help Your Addicted Teen With No-Rescue Parenting

During the past 20 years, overprotective parenting has become the norm. It is called helicopter parenting because it describes how parents constantly swoop in to help and save their kids in case of harm. Unfortunately, helicopter parenting has resulted in too many teenagers developing self-esteem issues and failing to develop problem solving and coping skills. […]

Parenting Mistakes Almost Every Parent is Guilty of Making

Despite trying to be the best parent possible to our children, we often mess up. Parenting isn’t easy, and mistakes are part of the job. Many times, mistakes don’t reveal themselves until well after they were made. It’s then too late to do much about them, or you have to work hard to mitigate the […]

Common Misconceptions About Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Troubled teens are plagued by various emotional and behavioral problems. It is important to realize that while these issues can be overcome, your teenager requires more help than you can provide at home and a therapeutic boarding school might be the best solution for you. Selecting the right facility to send your teen to is […]

How Self-Harm Can Be A Gateway To Suicide

Self-harm, otherwise referred to as “non-suicidal self-injury” has been reported for years by professionals as being a gateway to suicide. The number of young people who are harming themselves is increasing, especially in certain social groups. This is not only alarming in itself, but is furthermore concerning due to the link to suicide. A study’s […]

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