How Self-Harm Can Be A Gateway To Suicide

Self-harm, otherwise referred to as “non-suicidal self-injury” has been reported for years by professionals as being a gateway to suicide. The number of young people who are harming themselves is increasing, especially in certain social groups. This is not only alarming in itself, but is furthermore concerning due to the link to suicide. A study’s […]

Boot Camps vs. Military Schools vs. Therapeutic Boarding Schools vs. Residential Treatment Centers

It’s heartbreaking when parents have reached the point with their troubled teenager that they have to choose a resident care center. Plagued by emotional and behavioral difficulties, teenagers often find themselves struggling with school, home and community life. Many parents who have tried their best come to the realization that a resident teen help program […]

What Parents Can Do While Their Teen Is Receiving Treatment in a Residential Treatment Program

Married couples often struggle in their relationships. However, they face significant additional challenges when their child is diagnosed with a serious mental disorder. Children with such conditions often suffer from tantrums and aggression and frequently trigger disruptive situations. These children are stigmatized and isolated in social settings with other children. Moreover, parenting children with mental […]

Seeking to Understand – The Best Way to Resolve Conflict with Your Daughter

Conflict exists in almost every relationship, but parenting seems to come with more than its fair share. Many parents of teenage daughters try to avoid unpleasant confrontations at all costs —maybe because of the emotional effort involved, maybe because the topics are uncomfortable or maybe they are trying to choose the right battles to fight. […]

Sending Your Troubled Teen to a Therapeutic Boarding School for Drastic Redirection

Some teenagers find the transition from toddler to young adult difficult. Peer pressure and the stress that comes from putting unrealistic expectations on themselves can cause delinquent behavior. For some parents, the solution to teens who exhibit delinquent behavior, such as drinking and insubordination, is a therapeutic boarding school. However, they need to ask specific […]

How Parents Can Understand the Lessons Their Teens Learn While Away from Home in a Residential Treatment Program

Parents worry about continuing the lessons their teen learns while away at a residential treatment program. They have spent their hard earned money on the program, and they’ve had to endure not having their teen with them for months. The last thing they want to do is have their son or daughter revert to old […]

Residential Therapeutic Boarding Schools vs. Wilderness Camps – Experience a Little of Each

Many parents have a difficult time deciding if a residential therapeutic boarding school or a wilderness camp is best for their teenage son. At Liahona Academy, we don’t believe parents should have to choose. We have combined the best of both of these troubled teen boy programs into one. Situated perfectly in Southern Utah at […]

What You Can Do From Home To Help Your Teen In Need

Parenting isn’t easy. It’s especially difficult when you’re parenting a troubled teenager. Troubled teens suffer from depression, addiction, and can be violent to themselves and/or others. These teens can make parents stay up all night in despair worrying about what they can do to end the chaos. As parents, we have a biological need to […]

10 Team Building Activities To Do With Your Family

Spending quality time together as a family is one of, if not the most important thing that you can do for your children. According to the Child Development Institute, there are six major benefits that come from spending time together, they include: “The child feels important and loved. He or she has an opportunity to […]

Modern Day Sex Ed: Ways to Teach Your Teen About Healthy Sexual Development

Getting through their adolescent years can be pretty tough for teens, and just as difficult for their parents. After all, there is a lot to worry about. You want them to do well in school, associate with good friends, and generally learn how to be an adult before they actually become one. One of the […]

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