Working On Leadership Skills At Home To Teach Your Teen About Discipline

Studies have shown that peer groups that focus on creating connections between high risk teens can be incredibly beneficial in developing li developing social and life skills, while curbing detrimental behavioral problems. But this kind of thinking can actually begin at home. You can teach your child about life, discipline and skills by living by […]

How Boys Can Learn About Their Character From These Key Challenges

We all wish that we could just make life easy for our children. We would make sure everything goes smoothly, they never have to truly struggle and nothing hurts them. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Sadly it doesn’t work that way and our teenagers will have to face a number of challenges both basic and hurtful […]

5 Key Ways Teens Push Back on Strict Step Parents

No matter what event led to your becoming a step parent (divorce, death, prior birth outside of wedlock), it’s a major adjustment for everyone involved. Any time you take a group of people and blend them into a family, to call it a challenge is a big understatement. When there are teenagers in the household, […]

When Fitness Factors Are A Massive Impact On Your Teen’s Depression

The connection between physical fitness and better mental health is becoming common knowledge. But when faced with your teen’s depression, it can be hard to believe something so simple as a lack of physical fitness could really impact your teen to such a great extent. Get Depressed Teens Moving An interesting study specifically examined the […]

How You Can Handle A Spouse That Asserts Too Much Authority On Your Teen

Authority is a tricky thing. As a parent you absolutely have to have it. As a teen they absolutely have to challenge it. Too little causes chaos. Too much causes distrust. Figuring out the balance of authority is a constant challenge in a parent-teen relationship, and it takes work. It can be even more difficult […]

Helping Your Teen Find Their “Thing”

Approximately 20 percent of teens will experience depression before they reach adulthood. 30 percent of teens with depression will also develop a substance abuse problem, and more teens and young adults die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lung disease, combined. A common denominator in the […]

Understanding Family Dynamics And Our Roles As Parents

Family dynamics are how your family interacts and relates with one another. While no two families are the same, there are patterns common in every family. Your teenager’s self-perception and viewpoint of the world is influenced a great deal by your family’s dynamics, therefore understanding the main influences of these interactions will better help you […]

The Parents Guide To Phrasing: How To Disarm Your Teens Behavior Issues

Sometimes talking with our kids can spiral way out of control. You walk into a discussion trying to ask your teen to do something and suddenly you’re both shouting. You both leave the conversation upset and furious and nothing productive happened. Here are some tips on how to have a productive conversation with your teen. […]

How Advances In Data Mining Of Social Media Can Predict Teen Substance Abuse

Parents of teens worry about substance abuse – it just comes with the territory. Teens are getting involved with drugs and alcohol at much younger ages, and even if they don’t get involved with drugs or alcohol in high school there is still a significant risk of them eventually becoming abusers as adults. Keeping your […]

Practices to Review 3 Months After Your Teen Exits a Therapeutic Boarding School

Therapeutic boarding schools can be an option for teens who are struggling with a serious disorder like ADHD, anxiety, depression, oppositional defiant disorder, eating disorders, etc. During your teen’s time at one of these schools, he will likely have participated in practices that helped him cope and make changes for the better. Here are practices […]

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