Ways Your Teen Expresses Their Grief and How It Can Be Improved

Unfortunately, adults are not the only people who have to experience grief in this world–children and teens do, too. And grief is just as individual an experience for teens and children as it is for adults. Let’s focus on the grieving process for teens. What ways do teens express grief, and how can it be […]

When Your Kids Have Friends Who Struggle With Depression and Suicide

Suicide is possibly the cruelest means of death for survivors to reconcile. Unlike a heart attack, cancer or a car crash, survivors of a friend or family member who has taken their own life are forever left with the question, “Why?” Teen suicide rates are startling. Since the onset of social media, a new form […]

Working With Teens Who Display Criminal Behavior

It typically starts small. Your teenage son was caught shoplifting by the owner of a local grocery store. The manager knows you and your family, and assumes it’s nothing more than a prank. He lets your son go with nothing more than a phone call to you, assuming the consequences at home will cure him […]

Programs for Defiant Teen Boys

Every year in the United States, countless parents of teenage boys find themselves engaged in the struggle of their lives. Their teens have become openly defiant to them, as well to all authority figures in their life. These parents are at a loss. They have no clue what steps they should take to get their […]

Why Your Teen Needs To Be Independent To Progress In Life

It is difficult for every parent to give their teenager independence. You’re worried they will make mistakes, they will end up getting hurt, or that they’re incapable of doing things on their own. All of these points are likely true, but they are also essential parts of growing up. Here are four reasons to give […]

5 Father-Daughter Activities That Emphasize Communication

As a father, the older your daughter gets, the more difficult it can be to feel connected. You can’t throw her over your shoulder or tickle torture her like when she was a child, but you still want to remain close so she will never doubt your love for her. Here are five father-daughter activities […]

What The Metrics Your Daughter Sees On Social Media Does To Her Confidence

Raising teenage girls is harder now than ever before for one simple reason, social media. Before our teenagers had instant access to their Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts, they could use home as an escape to get away from the pressures and drama that accompany teenage relationships. Now they have no escape as they have […]

The Benefit Of A Long Leave From Home After Run Ins With The Law

Your teen has been going on a downward spiral and has recently escalated to the point where they’ve broken the law and gotten into trouble. You’re at your wits end and are running out of ideas on how you can help your teenager be the person you know they are capable of becoming. Take the […]

How Your Teen Can Learn Next to Other Struggling Teenage Boys?

The influence of others can cause both positive and negative effects. When those being influenced are teenagers, it’s a toss up as to which way that influence can go. Parents frequently learn that their teenager is frequently exposed to teenage boys who are struggling. These boys may have undiagnosed issues. They might be suffering due […]

Researching The Most Effective Troubled Teen Schools In The Nation

It is difficult to know where to start when it comes to researching an effective troubled teen school for your child. You want your teen to get the help that they need, but you won’t trust just anyone to care for your child. Here are some things to keep in mind while searching for the […]

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