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How You Can Help Your Addicted Teen With No-Rescue Parenting

During the past 20 years, overprotective parenting has become the norm. It is called helicopter parenting because it describes how parents constantly swoop in to help and save their kids in case of harm. Unfortunately, helicopter parenting has resulted in too many teenagers developing self-esteem issues and failing to develop problem solving and coping skills. […]

Parenting Mistakes Almost Every Parent is Guilty of Making

Despite trying to be the best parent possible to our children, we often mess up. Parenting isn’t easy, and mistakes are part of the job. Many times, mistakes don’t reveal themselves until well after they were made. It’s then too late to do much about them, or you have to work hard to mitigate the […]

5 Confidence Building and Problem Solving Activities Recommended by Professionals

Building self-confidence is important to your child’s success. The biggest challenge in life is overcoming debilitating low self-esteem. Being able to show them how they can boost themselves now will help them well into the future, as they get hit by life’s perils. #1: Positive Traits List Registered play therapist Kim Peterson believes in the […]

Where Did the Village Go That Used to Help Raise Our Children?

There’s an Igbo and Yoruba proverb many people have heard, “It takes a village to raise a child.” The proverb emphasized the need for not only parents to raise a child, but for everyone around that child to help. If you’re a parent of a troubled teen, you’re probably wondering where the village is that […]

12 Mistakes of Modern-day Parenting

Every day is a battle in the life of a parent – either you’re stressed about bills, work, or your relationships. There is a constant need to recharge your batteries so you can keep fighting through the hard parts and make it all work. We can’t figure out how to reduce your hours at work […]

Sending Your Son to a School for Troubled Teen Boys Can Help Him Change His Course

Over 1 million American teens go to juvenile court every year. Approximately 160,000 of those teens are referred to residential placement. One of the most preferred residential placements are therapeutic boarding schools. About Therapeutic Boarding Schools According to Family First Aid, “Therapeutic boarding schools – also known as residential treatment centers – these boarding schools […]

Teen Communication Strategies for The Average Parent

Parenting a teenager can be tough. They’re at the age when they are developing an identity separate from yours, and while they often aren’t self-sufficient yet, they are experimenting with self-sufficiency and testing your boundaries of authority as a result. It can often mean a breakdown in communication and more friction than either one of […]

Rebuilding The Bridge Of Communication With Your Teen After You’ve Torched It

Anyone who has raised kids will tell you that the teenage years are the most difficult for both parent and child to get through. While there are a number of reasons that make it difficult for parents to connect with their children at this age, the number one reason parents and teens battle so fiercely […]

Improving Communication With Your Teen

Raising a teenager is a challenge. Raising one that has struggled with behavioral issues can feel nearly impossible. The difficulties of parenthood aren’t easy to navigate, and there is no cut and dry manual to follow. It often comes down to trial and error, learning from mistakes and trying to improve in the future. Communication […]

The Effects of Full-Time Working Parents on Teens

Times have changed. Where just a generation or two ago it was perfectly feasible for one parent to work while the other stayed at home with the children, now both parents need at least one job apiece, if not more. Despite the necessity, it’s normal for parents to wonder if all this time away is […]

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