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The Emotional Health Differences in Troubled Boys & Girls – What Is Expected

Tara M. Chalin, a researcher at the Department of Psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine, reports that boys and girls have differing emotional tendencies. “Our findings suggest that there are small but significant gender differences in emotion expressions, with larger gender differences emerging at certain ages and in certain contexts” she says. What are […]

A Parent’s Journey Deciding To Send Their Teen To Treatment In Utah

Parenting comes with its fair share of blessings and hurdles. Nothing quite matches the excitement of holding your child in your arms for the first time, seeing their first smile or helping them take their first steps. Our hearts grow and fill with so much love and we understand what it means to give up […]

How Therapeutic Boarding Schools Can Help Your Teen Find Answers to Difficult Questions

Teenagers, parents, and families participate in a number of counseling programs to address a variety of issues and difficult questions in life including divorce, job loss, death, single parent/teen conflict, stress, depression, addiction, blended/step-family problems, LGBTQ issues, cultural issues, caregiver problems, anger problems, conflict resolution, and remarriage. Every teenager and family is unique in their […]

Helping Your Teen Get The Most Out His High School Education

For some teens, high school is the time of their life. For others, it’s pure hell. And for many, it’s somewhere in between. Whether your teen is thriving or struggling, here are some tips for helping them get the most out of their high school education. 1. MANAGE YOUR EXPECTATIONS As adults with work and […]

Talking To Your Teen About Pornography

There is no pretending that teenagers aren’t being exposed to pornography. According to Covenant Eyes, 93 percent of boys and 62 percent of girls are exposed to pornography by age 18. And it’s happening at increasingly earlier ages. The US Department of Health & Human Services reports the average age of first exposure is 14 […]

The Long Term Effect of Bullying In Your Child’s Social Circles

Bullying is a serious epidemic afflicting kids and teens worldwide. That statistics say it all — The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services reports that 15 percent of high school students have been bullied online. What’s more is that 49 percent of children in grades 4 through 12 have been bullied at least once […]

How To Help Your Teen Girl Navigate Clothes, Friends, and Associated Stress

Being a teenage girl is no walk in the park. The statistics say it all. According to NBC News, The American Psychological Association reports that 30 percent of teens report feeling sad or depressed because of high stress levels. Among the top stressors are friend issues and clothes/appearance concerns. TOP TEEN STRESSORS Friend Problems Friend […]

Programs To Help Your Teen Replace Bad Habits With Healthy Habits​

Habits are developed by everyone and they can be good or bad. Unfortunately, many of us have teenagers with some bad habits that can lead to detrimental effects now or later in life. If the bad habits of your teenager are worrying you, then it’s time to get started with learning how you can get […]

A Mothers Journey: Deciding On A Therapeutic Boarding School In Utah

Being a mother is a unique challenge. We give up next to everything in order to create, raise, support, and nurture children. We sacrifice to give them what they want and need, always putting them first. Our hearts grow and stretch, reaching around our children and expanding as they grow and experience new things. We […]

How Teens Views Of Effective Therapeutic Boarding Schools Change

It has been a difficult road, through therapists, outpatient programs, alternative schools/classes, and legal counsel. But your teen is still struggling, and you are at the end of your rope. The more extreme options have been put before you, and the more you have thought about it, the better a therapeutic boarding school seems to […]

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