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5 Father-Daughter Activities That Emphasize Communication

As a father, the older your daughter gets, the more difficult it can be to feel connected. You can’t throw her over your shoulder or tickle torture her like when she was a child, but you still want to remain close so she will never doubt your love for her. Here are five father-daughter activities […]

What The Metrics Your Daughter Sees On Social Media Does To Her Confidence

Raising teenage girls is harder now than ever before for one simple reason, social media. Before our teenagers had instant access to their Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts, they could use home as an escape to get away from the pressures and drama that accompany teenage relationships. Now they have no escape as they have […]

The Benefit Of A Long Leave From Home After Run Ins With The Law

Your teen has been going on a downward spiral and has recently escalated to the point where they’ve broken the law and gotten into trouble. You’re at your wits end and are running out of ideas on how you can help your teenager be the person you know they are capable of becoming. Take the […]

How Your Teen Can Learn Next to Other Struggling Teenage Boys?

The influence of others can cause both positive and negative effects. When those being influenced are teenagers, it’s a toss up as to which way that influence can go. Parents frequently learn that their teenager is frequently exposed to teenage boys who are struggling. These boys may have undiagnosed issues. They might be suffering due […]

Researching The Most Effective Troubled Teen Schools In The Nation

It is difficult to know where to start when it comes to researching an effective troubled teen school for your child. You want your teen to get the help that they need, but you won’t trust just anyone to care for your child. Here are some things to keep in mind while searching for the […]

​How Disconnected Parents Consider Leaders At A Boarding School Rather Than The Nanny Stepping Up To Parent

It can be hard to send your troubled teen away for behavioral treatment. Those individuals outside of the turmoil in the home may not understand the decision to do so. But parents should consider a few key ways in which boarding schools can help develop struggling teenagers into future leaders. Giving Troubled Teens Strong Role […]

Parent Responsibly: Never Be A “Cool Parent”

Living in the technology age has changed a lot of things. It seems parenting hasn’t been left behind either as more parents nowadays strive to be “cool parents”. Although well-intentioned, the cool permissive style of parenting, largely praised on social media, does more harm than good. For starters, cool parents want to be their children’s […]

Handling Christmas Between Divorced Co-Parents

The holiday season is approaching, bringing with it the delight and excitement of coming together as a family. However, Christmas can be a source of stress and tension for divorced parents, not forgetting their children who might find the holidays tough to cope with. As a parent in such a situation, you might struggle to […]

How A School Can Specialize In Addressing Issues Troubled Teens Face Regularly

Raising a teenager isn’t always easy but if you have a troubled teen on your hands, the task becomes even more difficult. Your teen might be struggling with a myriad of issues ranging from substance abuse, ADD/ADHD and eating disorders to self-harming, depression and oppositional defiance disorder. If your teen’s behavior has deteriorated to the […]

Dealing With Your Teenage Son’s Criminal Behavior

It’s a crushing blow to parents when they learn their teenage son has committed a crime. It’s even worse when he becomes a habitual offender. Often times the crimes start out small—shoplifting or defacing property—but soon turn to worse crimes like drug possession, assault or worse. How is a parent to deal with their son’s […]

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