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Rebellious Teens Can Change with Residential Treatment

Truancy, experimentation with alcohol or drugs, bullying, uncontrolled rage, gang affiliation, violence, criminal behavior and more — these are all signs that your teen has seriously rebelled and is headed down a difficult path if you do not seek immediate help. However, all is not lost, and your rebellious teen can change with the help […]

Therapy And Drastic Change In Scenery May Be What Your Teen Needs

If you have gotten to the point where you feel like you have tried every single avenue out there and nothing is getting through to your teenager, it’s time to seek outside help. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed by coming to this conclusion, the fact that you care enough about your child to get them […]

Teaching by Example: Helping Your Daughter Find Positive Female Role Models

Strong family relationships help children transition into stable and mature adults, but these relationships are especially crucial during the teenage years. Your child’s associates will strongly influence their morals, self-esteem and confidence. Unfortunately, with our media-driven culture, many teens look up to entertainers, sports figures and other celebrities as their role models. While not all […]

6 Ways Boys Learn to Be Men in High School

Once boys begin a growth spurt before they hit puberty, they seem to change so rapidly that parents can hardly keep up. They learn new behaviors in a variety of ways, including the six listed here. Sports Teams and Coaches A coach can have a powerful influence on a boy’s character, in some cases more […]

How to Check a Program’s Credentials

You’ve come to the difficult decision and concluded that you need help with your teenager. They’re constantly irritable, they don’t care about school or their grades, and you can’t remember the last time they’ve made a good choice. Once you’ve decided that you need outside help with your child, the next step is to find […]

Utah’s Therapy Programs for Troubled Teen Boys

Teen boys can present challenges to parents that can often lead to conflict. Neither the parents nor the teen is looking for an argument, but a lack of understanding on both sides might turn a tenuous situation into an explosive confrontation. Parents can send their troubled boys to a Utah facility that helps them understand […]

10 Challenges Each Teen Boy Will Face Before Graduating High School

There is an epidemic that is facing our teenagers and researchers want to know why. Teen suicide has become even more prevalent than it already was, now the second leading cause of death among those between the ages of 12 and 18. Even younger kids, aged as low as 10, are even becoming victims of […]

Residential Treatment for Sons in Need of Behavioral Help

Parents realize that they face challenges raising teens in the best of circumstances. When your child has behavioral issues, parenting can be downright overwhelming. Teenagers face numerous academic and social pressures that negatively impact their self-esteem. If your son is not responding to traditional rules at home and school, consider seeking professional help. Many struggling […]

Your Troublesome Daughter Is Coming Home Past Curfew, Creative Ways To Teach Her A Lesson

Raising teen daughters sure isn’t easy. You are bound to get angry and frustrated as your teen pushes boundaries in her quest for more freedom and independence. One area that’s sure to cause friction is a curfew. A teen’s curfew should be carefully set and completely enforced from the beginning. Discuss the curfew hours with […]

10 Opportunities For Teaching Your Teen Son About Leadership

There are many qualities that we want to instill in our children. One important trait to place in our teenage sons is of leadership. Here are ten ways to do that, without them even knowing you are trying to teach them anything. Live By Example – The best thing you can do is be a […]

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