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The Impact of a Positive Outside Influence on Your Defiant Teen

Positive outside influences, also known as good role models, can be a lifesaver for your troubled teen. While there are many stars, sports figures, and actors that teens may consider as role models, most of them want someone who is easily accessible. This can be a relative, coach, or a teacher. How Role Models Help […]

Take-Home Techniques for Your Son After a Successful Stay at a Troubled Teen Boarding School

Dealing with teens presents various stressors, especially when he deals with behavioral problems. However, if you don’t step in, these issues can escalate out of control until he gets into trouble with the law. You will need to take intentional and proactive measures. One solution to his behavioral issues might be a simple intervention or […]

What Utah Programs Are Doing to Address the Opioid Epidemic

Though conflicting studies argue whether the opioid epidemic is trending higher or lower among teens, certainly opiate abuse plagues the U.S. overall. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports opioids cause over 60 percent of overdose deaths, with heroin as a large contributor to that number. The death rate has quadrupling since 1999. The […]

Most Parents Have a Favorite Child but It Doesn’t Have to Be the End of the World

While most parents worry about treating their children equally, many parents unknowingly exhibit favoritism toward one of their kids. Each child comes with their own challenges with some being easier than others, which can make it difficult to avoid favoring a certain one. Extensive studies on family relationships have found that parental favoritism is normal. […]

Struggles Of Being A Single Parent To A Teen With Behavioral Disorders

Raising a teen? It’s a struggle. Being a single parent? It’s no joke. Dealing with a child’s behavioral disorders? A constant battle. And all three? It can feel near impossible. Each day feels like survival mode. You may endure a constant fear that your child will never “snap out” of this, and worry what the […]

How A Trusted Adult Can Become A Mentor & Positive Outside Influence For Your Troubled Teen

The job of parenting is one that is both incredibly difficult and intensely personal. It’s sometimes funny to see how overwhelmed we can become, but unwilling or embarrassed to ask for help. After all, they’re OUR kids, right? It’s true that they’re OUR kids and that we shoulder the majority of their raising and development. […]

2017 Wasn’t the Easiest Year, Make 2018 A Great Year As A Parent

Are you looking at this year in disbelief of all that has happened between you and your teenage son? If so, don’t worry. You have plenty of time to make plans for 2018. Plan For Better Communication Come up with a plan for better communication with your teen. This usually means taking time out of […]

Mom Guilt Resulting From Struggling To Juggle Work and Family

Mom guilt can strike at any time. As you pull into work and realize you forgot to pack the lunches and it descends on you like a load of bricks. As you have to tell your daughter that a work meeting means you won’t make it to a soccer game. The list of ways you […]

Avoid The Compare Snare: How To Parent Unique Teen Siblings

If you have more than one child, you have undoubtedly discovered that each child comes with their own distinct personality traits, quirks and temperaments. As each of your children are undeniably different, it can be hard as a parent to know how you should alter your parenting to best suit the needs of your children […]

Getting Help For Our Teens From A Circle of Cyber Parents

Raising a teenager is one of the most difficult trials that we as parents have to go through. They’re moody, independent, difficult and think that they know better than you. Daily it seems like they test the limits of your patience to the point where you think you’ll go insane. Having a group of parents […]

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